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1061 Camelback Rd, Newport Beach, CA

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Interior Designers Institute, located in Newport Beach, CA, is a private art institution that offers interested students a comprehensive education and training in the field of interior design. The largest programs offered are the interior design less than one year certificate programs, with more than a thousand future interior designers graduating in the past few years. Student and special services are available at Interior Designers Institute, offering personal and academic assistance for students, which includes:

  • Night and weekend classes available
  • Counseling assistance
  • Employment search assistance

Loan default rates for schools provide a strong indicator of post graduation employment success. About 1% of students have defaulted on loans after graduating from this institution.

The last reported accreditation for this school was done by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges. Please visit for more information on programs offered and consumer disclosures.

Programs Offered

The program list below was created by historical graduation information reported by the school. This list may not represent the current curriculum offered. Visit the school's website to get more information about programs offered.

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(C) Certificate or Award | (A) Associate's | (B) Bachelor's | (M) Master's Degree | (D) Doctorate (PhD,...)

  • Tuition is estimated to be $17,950 for undergraduates and $19,500 for graduates*
  • Required fees, excluding tuition, cost about $100*
  • For part-time undergraduate students, the cost of attendance is about $450 per credit hour*
  • 98% repayment rate for students who completed this program**
  • $24,664 is the estimated annual earnings of graduates from this program**
  • The estimated average monthly loan payment by graduates is $136.00*
  • About eighty students were granted degrees in the last reported year

*The posted costs for tuition, fees and supplies are determined through historical data and may not represent current costs.
**Repayment rates, earnings, and loan payments are estimated to provide a comparative context. For more detailed information individuals are asked to contact the school.

Estimated Costs & Financial Aid

The items listed below are for informational purposes only and may not represent current tuition, fees, and expenses.

Note: Financial aid is only available for those who qualify, check with the school for details.

Tuition & Fees Information

Undergraduate Courses - Tuition Details

  • Tuition is estimated to be around $20,000 per year
  • Per unit charges are around $490 for part time students
  • Required fees: $100

Graduate Courses - Tuition Details

  • Tuition is estimated to be around $21,000 per year for graduate students
  • Part time students are estimated to pay about $440 to $530 per unit
  • Required fees for graduate students are around $100

Financial Aid Details

The table below breaks down the types of financial aid, the percent of students receiving aid, and average amount of aid per student.

 Percent of StudentsAverage Amount
Receiving Grants & Scholarships61%$8,890
Student Loans (Federal)61%$8,121

Note: The estimated default rate of students taking federal student loans in 2012 was around 1%.

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