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5150 Linton Blvd, Suite 340, Delray Beach, FL

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Cambridge Institute of Allied Health & Technology is housed in a 10,700 square foot facility conveniently located on State Road 436 just a half mile south of Interstate 4 in Altamonte Springs, Florida. Cambridge Institute of Allied Health & Technology is one block from Florida Hospital in Altamonte Springs and directly across the street from the Altamonte Mall.  There are restaurants, shops, banks and medical facilities within walking distance of the institution. Convenient access to public transportation is available. This third floor location has elevator access as well as stairways, and houses seven (7) learning areas including a medical lab and a computer lab. There is a reception center, student break area, conference room, and media center available as well as eleven (11) administrative offices. Our facility is in compliance with ADA Standards providing disabled parking, restrooms and elevator access to visitors and students who require such accommodations.

 Each classroom in the Orlando campus has been outfitted with seating conducive to learning, and educational technology that enhances the student's academic experience. The medical lab contains three hospital beds and furnishings necessary to facilitate patient care interventions. Additionally, a medical examination table is stationed in the lab to provide training in medical office patient preparation procedures. Medical equipment, diagnostic machines and supplies are also housed in the medical laboratory. The computer lab is designed to facilitate skills development in general office software applications, medical office operations software and electronic records management (e-files). All computers have Internet access and access to electronic libraries of healthcare data.

 The x ray classroom contains an energized x ray lab area where students in related programs will have access to hands on training in x-ray procedures.

 The media center houses volumes of books, references, texts, magazines and journals for the supplemental enhancement of every student's academic experience. Online libraries can be accessed through computer stations housed in the media center. A circulation desk provides students access to staff to assist in research and general information about the campus operations.

 Cambridge Institute of Allied Health & Technology has designed its medical training schools to provide a quality academic experience for every student, which is at the heart of our mission. We aim provide a student centered academic experience that will accelerate learning and career preparation for every student.

Programs Offered

The following is a list of programs offered at Cambridge Institute of Allied Health & Technology. It is important to note that the list may be different from currently available programs. Students should contact the school to ensure program availability.

The program takes about twenty-three months for most students to complete.

Program Details:

  • Tuition estimate is $50,000*
  • Cost of required books or supplies: $1,950*
  • Takes about 23 months to complete

The radiology technician program takes about twenty-four months for most students to complete.

Program Details:

  • Tuition estimate is $40,000*
  • Required supplies and books: $2,620*
  • More than 20 students completed this program in the previous reported year
  • Students usually complete the radiology technician program in 24 months

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Radiologic technology program takes ,as reported, twenty-four months to complete.

Program Details:

  • Tuition estimate is $39,000*
  • Estimated cost of required books and supplies are around $1,760*
  • The radiologic technology program takes about 24 months to complete

The nursing assistant program takes about twelve months for most students to complete.

Program Details:

  • Tuition estimate is $21,000*
  • Required supplies and books: $170*
  • Students usually complete the nursing assistant program in 12 months

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The medical office computer specialist program takes about nine months for most students to complete.

Program Details:

  • Tuition estimate is $15,000*
  • The estimated cost of books or supplies required is $230*
  • The length of the medical office computer specialist program is about 9 months

*Amounts for tuition, fees, and supplies are an estimate which are calculated based on historical data and should be solely used for informational purposes only.
**Repayment rates, earnings, and loan payments are estimates and should be treated as informational tools only, contact the school for official information.

Estimated Costs & Financial Aid

The average annual "out of pocket" cost of attendance, after any grants and scholarships are considered, is around $7,900. In order to calculate a more personalized cost check out their cost calculator here. There is also a $50 application fee for students applying to the school. The financial details shown on this page are an approximation. The actual costs may differ, please contact this school for more information.

Note: Financial aid is only available for those who qualify, check with the school for details.

Financial Aid Details

The table below breaks down the types of financial aid, the percent of students receiving aid, and average amount of aid per student.

 Percent of StudentsAverage Amount
Any Financial Aid100%-
Receiving Grants & Scholarships59%$5,632
Receiving Student Loans100%$13,591

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