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Brigham Young University - Hawaii (BYUH)

55-220 Kulanui Street, Laie, HI

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Brigham Young University-Hawaii is located in Laie, on the northern portion of the island of Oahu. BYUH was established by missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ and the Latter Day Saints who had set out to establish missions in Polynesia. As the mission grew, a purchase was made of a plantation in Laiewai and Laiemalo that gave the church the necessary acreage to further its mission and establish a school. Over time the school grew and went through various iterations until it was declared the Hawaii campus of Bringham Young University in 1974. BYU-Hawaii stresses academic excellence and religious values, mixing secular and spiritual educations to ensure students become well rounded individuals.


BYUH offers bachelor's programs for a variety of majors, and stresses the importance of academic excellence. BYUH was ranked 23rd best school in the western region by U.S. News and World Report, the only school in Hawaii to do so.

Programs offered at BYUH include:

Admissions and Financial Aid

BYUH uses test scores, GPA and personal factors to determine whether a student is right for their school. Those wishing to apply should have a minimum of a 3.5 GPA and either a 25 or better on the ACT test or 1130 on the SAT. Applications should be filled out and sent by the given deadline and arrangements made for any transcripts or test scores to be delivered. Applications will not be reviewed until all documents are received.

Financial aid is available to students at BYUH. Interested students should visit the Office of Financial Aid and Student Accounts as well as fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Members of the Church of Jesus Christ and the Latter Day Saints will receive a discount in tuition as it 70% of the fees will be covered by the church.


BYUH participates in NCAA Division II athletic competitions. The teams are known as the Seasiders. BYUH has received 19 titles in different sports.

Sports Programs:

  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Dance Team
  • Volleyball
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Cross Country
  • Soft Ball
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Admission Requirements & Details

The information regarding admissions below may provide a better idea of the students Brigham Young University - Hawaii accepts. The details may include admissions application requirements and recommendations, SAT/ACT scores of students that were accepted, as well as any college or dual credits that may be transferred. This information can be used to get a better idea of your chances of getting into BYUH.

Admission Requirements & Recommendations

  • High School G.P.A. and School Records are Required
  • High School Academic Ranking are Recommended
  • Letters of Recommendation are Required
  • SAT or ACT Test Scores are Required
  • TOEFL for ESL Students are Required

College Credits Accepted

  • Dual Credits
  • AP Course Credits

Admissions Test Scores - SAT Exam, ACT Exam, etc...

ACT ® scores for students that were accepted Fall 2011

 Score Range (25th to 75th Percentile)
ACT ® English21 - 27
ACT ® Math20 - 26
ACT ® Composite Score22 - 26

Acceptance Rate Table - Chances of Getting Into BYUH

The chances for admission at Brigham Young University - Hawaii can be seen in the table below.

 Number (Percentage)
Granted Admissions601 (29%)
Accepted Students That Enrolled459 (76%)

Student Enrollment

Total enrollment at Brigham Young University - Hawaii is around 2,900 students.

Estimated Costs & Financial Aid

The items listed below are for informational purposes only and may not represent current tuition, fees, and expenses.

Tuition & Fees Information

  • The estimated tuition range is around $4,600-$5,600 per year
  • For part-time students, charges are between $290-$350 per unit
  • Room and board is estimated to cost around $5,900

Financial Aid Details

The table listed below helps break down the types of financial aid students receive and the percent receiving aid, as well as the average amount of aid per student per year.

 Percent of StudentsAverage Amount
Any Financial Aid68%-
Receiving Grants & Scholarships55%$1,898
Receiving Student Loans21%$2,548

Note: The estimated default rate of students taking federal student loans in 2009 was around 5%.

Academics & Student Services

Student Services

To help support students, Brigham Young University - Hawaii may provide student services like those listed below:

  • Distance learning
  • Remedial courses
  • Counseling assistance
  • Student employment
  • Assistance to find work

Graduation Rates

BYUH has an overall graduation rate which is close to 51%.

Number of Year to GraduatePercent of Entering Class
Students Graduating in 4 Years27%
Graduating in 5 Years18%
Graduating in 6 Years6%

Programs Offered

The program list below is organized by areas of study. The programs that have a link will direct you to the program's profile page where you can learn more about education requirements and career pathways.

Get more information about the programs offered by Brigham Young University - Hawaii by clicking the request information to the right.

(C) Certificate or Award | (A) Associate's | (B) Bachelor's | (M) Master's Degree | (D) Doctorate (Ph.D.,M.D.,...)

Liberal Arts and Sciences


  • Elementary Education (B, C)
  • Teaching English As Second Language Instructor (B)
  • Secondary Education (C)
  • Physical Education (B)
  • Art Teacher Education (B)
  • Teacher and Professional Development (C)
  • History Teacher Education (B)
  • Social Science Teacher Education (B)
  • English and Language Arts Teacher Education (B)
  • Special Education (C)
  • Business Teacher Education
  • Biology Teacher Education
  • Mathematics Teacher Education
  • Science Teacher Education
  • Music Teacher Education

Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Intercultural, Multicultural and Diversity Studies (B)
  • Interdisciplinary Studies (B)
  • Biological and Physical Sciences (B)

Business and Marketing Studies

Public Administration and Social Services


Recreation and Fitness Studies

Visual and Performing Arts

  • Fine Studio Arts (B)
  • Music (B)
  • Voice and Opera (B)
  • Piano and Organ (B)
  • Music History, Literature, and Theory (B)
  • Theatre Arts and Stagecraft
  • Art Studies

Computer and Information Sciences

Social Sciences

English Language and Literature

Biological and Biomedical Sciences

Ethnic Cultural and Gender Studies

  • Pacific Rim Studies (B)


Mathematics and Statistics

Science Technology

  • Biology Technician, Biotechnology Laboratory Technician

Physical Sciences

  • Physical Sciences