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3140 Waialae Avenue, Honolulu, HI

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Chaminade University of Honolulu, located in Honolulu, Hawaii, was opened by Catholic missionaries in 1955. The school was initially opened as a junior college, but added four year programs in 1957, and graduate programs in 1977 resulting in name changes to reflect the school's new offerings and focus. The school is named after Father William Joseph Chaminade, a survivor of the French Revolution who sent missionaries to the United States to assist immigrant populations.

Chaminade University provides a number of majors, allowing students to pursue a program of study that best suits their academic and career goals. Students may augment their education through the addition of a minor degree, resulting in a secondary field of expertise. Students will earn a bachelor's degree over the course of four years, though some may choose a graduate program requiring a separate set of admissions requirements and taking between one and two years to complete depending on the program. As a Catholic institution, the school bases its educational philosophy on Catholic principles.

Programs offered include:

Admissions and Financial Aid
Students wishing to enroll at Chaminade University must submit a completed application which will be reviewed by an admissions board. Academic, extracurricular, standardized test scores and other factors will be utilized in making a decision regarding admission. Once a decision is finalized the student will be notified, and if admitted will receive information preparing them for enrollment at the university.

Financial aid is available in the form of loans, grants and scholarships. Students in need of financial assistance must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which utilized the student's financial information to allow the school to determine program eligibility and awards. Financial aid must be reapplied for each academic year, and may be subject to review prior to the disbursement of funds.

Admission Requirements & Details

The information regarding admissions below may give you an idea of the students Chaminade University of Honolulu accepts. The details may include admissions application requirements and recommendations, as well as any AP or college credits that may be transferred.

College Credits Accepted

  • Dual Credits
  • Life Experience Credits
  • AP Course Credits

Student Enrollment

The total student enrollment at Chaminade University of Honolulu is about 2,500. The student body is made up of 74% undergraduate students and 10% graduate students.

Estimated Costs & Financial Aid

The items listed below are for informational purposes only and may not represent current tuition, fees, and expenses.

Tuition & Fees Information

  • Tuition is estimated to be around $24,000 per year for in-state and nonresident students
  • The estimated tuition for part time students is around $720 to $870 per unit

Financial Aid Details

The table listed below helps break down the types of financial aid students receive and the percent receiving aid, as well as the average amount of aid per student per year.

 Percent of StudentsAverage Amount
Any Financial Aid100%-
Receiving Grants & Scholarships99%$11,919
Receiving Student Loans52%$6,220

Academics & Student Services

Student Services

To support students and graduates, Chaminade University of Honolulu may offer services to students like:

  • Distance learning
  • Night and weekend classes available
  • Remedial instructional courses
  • Career path counseling
  • Student employment
  • Assistance to find work

Graduation Rates

The overall graduation rate of Chaminade University of Honolulu is around 38%.

Number of Year to GraduatePercent of Entering Class
Students Graduating in 4 Years27%
Graduating in 5 Years9%
Graduating in 6 Years2%

Specialized Programs & Accreditations

  • Montessori Teacher Education Program (more info)
    • * Accredited by the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education, Commission on Accreditation (since 1994)
  • Bachelor's Degree in Nursing (BSN) Program (more info)
    • * Accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (since 2013)
  • Nursing (MSN, DSN) Program (more info)
    • * Accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (since 2013)

Intercollegiate Athletics

Chaminade University of Honolulu is a Member of National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), with many of the sports being in the NCAA Division II (without football) classification. The most popular sports played are listed below:

  • Basketball (Pacific West Conference)
  • Golf
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Tennis
  • Track and Field, X-Country
  • Volleyball

Programs Offered

The program list below is organized by areas of study. The programs that have a link will direct you to the program's profile page where you can learn more about education requirements and career pathways.

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(C) Certificate or Award | (A) Associate's | (B) Bachelor's | (M) Master's Degree | (D) Doctorate (PhD,...)

Biological and Biomedical Sciences

Business and Marketing Studies

Communications and Journalism

Computer and Information Sciences


English Language and Literature

Health and Clinical Professions


    Interdisciplinary Studies

    Liberal Arts and Sciences

    Natural Resources and Conservation

    Philosophy and Religious Studies


    Security and Protective Services

    Social Sciences

    Theology and Religious Vocations

    Visual and Performing Arts

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