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Animal Science Degree

The animal science program at University of Denver prepares students for industrial research in the food and feed industries, drafting agricultural regulations, work as a feed manufacturer, animal breeder, meat packer, consulting firms, and more. The main focus of the program is on the scientific principles that underlie the breeding and husbandry of agricultural animals, and the production, processing, and distribution of animal products. Program courses include: animal sciences, animal husbandry and production, and agricultural and food products processing. Get more details below including other Colorado colleges that offer animal science degrees.

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Career Options for Graduates

Upon completion of the Animal Science program at DU, most students have pursued careers in the following fields:

Animal Scientists


Conduct research in the genetics, nutrition, reproduction, growth, and development of domestic farm animals.

Career Outlook & Projects ()

According to the BLS, animal scientists employment is expected to grow at a rate of 12.8% from 2010 to 2020

Agricultural Technicians


Set up or maintain laboratory equipment and collect samples from crops or animals. Prepare specimens or record data to assist scientists in biology or related life science experiments.

Career Outlook & Projects ()

According to the BLS, agricultural technicians employment is expected to grow at a rate of 7.0% from 2010 to 2020

Source: Job descriptions, estimated salary and wages, and projected job growth are taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Other schools offering Animal Science Programs in Colorado

Animal Science programs are available at the colleges and universities listed below.

C = Certificate or Award | A = Associate Degree | B = Bachelor's Degree | M = Master's Degree | D = Doctorate Degree (PhD,MD,...)

Colorado State University

Fort Collins, CO
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  • Type: 4-Year Public College
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  • Animal Science (B,M,D)

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