About MatchCollege

MatchCollege is a free online resource for college bound students seeking to prudently leverage their higher education experience.  We are a search directory offering information for nearly 8,000 accredited colleges, universities, career colleges, technical schools, beauty schools, alternative medicine schools, and trade schools.  Founded in 2005, MatchCollege exists to help students and working professionals quickly and efficiently locate educational opportunities that match their vocational goals.  Our proprietary search technology was created to assist students find colleges, universities, undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees, and certificate programs via salient search criteria such as school type and geographic location.

In addition to creating in-depth college profile pages, we have invested years refining college degree summaries for over 400 unique programs.  Our team created degree pages as many students start with an area of interest and back into a list of colleges of interest.  Look for updates on our college degree pages as technology advances along with research initiatives at colleges and universities across the country.

Our team consists of approximately two dozen industry from healthcare to business and computers to social science.  Passionate teachers, administrators, admissions officers, and financial aid experts also contribute to our expertise and sterling reputation.    Our team of experts to help distill the finer points of various degree pathways and career alternatives in easy to understand terms.  Collectively, we have over 146 years of combined industry experience giving you the ultimate edge to find the right college for you and gather admissions information from the best schools given your unique goals visa via our free website.  To keep the website free to all users, we run lean and mean to meet our mission of serving all seekers of higher education information regardless of geographic location or economic background.

The data you will find across our expansive digital library is gathered from various trusted, high quality sources that include federal and state departments of education along with verifiable, private entities.  Federal sources of data include entities such as the United States Department of Education (DOE), Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), United States Department of Labor (DOL), O*Net Online (ONET), and the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).  Private data sourced include reputable, verifiable research papers by colleges and universities along with national & regional associations and trade groups based in the United States.


Each MatchCollege school profile contains information on admissions, tuition, financial aid, degrees offered, athletics, campus life,  and more. Degree and career guides are also available, offering in-depth analysis of a specific degree program, trade, or career.  We have also gathered salient information from experts and trusted research partners to answer commonly asked questions about a unique learning domain.  Additionally, our state-based pages and college listings help you quickly find what you are looking for by searching with a geographic-focused lens.  Visitors are encouraged to comment on college profile pages to provide future students information from a personal perspective.


The home page provides various methods for navigating the site. Visitors can choose to select a state, degree program, school type, degree level, or career pathway by utilizing our proprietary matching service for all schools and programs here or for online degrees and schools. Once chosen, you will find a full or partial list of accredited colleges and universities that can be sorted by school type such as 4-year Universities, State Colleges, Trade Schools, Technical Institutes, Career Colleges, Liberal Arts Colleges, Community Colleges, Bible Colleges, Private Universities, and Public Colleges.  Alternately, you can quickly search for a specific school or degree by leveraging an easy-to-use navigation search in the top right-hand corner of the site to kick off your college hunt.


As one of the most trusted names in higher education information, we take our duty to provide high-quality, accurate information very seriously.  If you have comments or questions about any piece of data or college listed across our site, feel free to email the team at comments@matchcollege.com.  Likewise, if you have a concern that you would like to bring to the attention of our executive team, simply write to us at admin@matchcollege.com so we can help address the issue at hand.  The team also communicates recent publications, college trends, financial aid insights, and much more via our social media platforms at: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and occasional our YouTube channel.