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  • Reviewed on November 10, 2010 (Flag Review)
  • Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

I am about to graduate from Eagle Gate. For obvious reasons, I'm using an alias, and I'm not going to state the campus location or program. The cost structure at this college is bizarre - and may mean you end up paying way more than you expect. Instead of paying per credit, as in most colleges, you pay a set fee according to what tier of credits you fall in. IE - 1-6 credits will be one fee, 7-12 credits will be a higher bracket, etc. In addition, the equipment and class books are not anywhere close to cutting edge, and the administrative staff will not go out of their way to do any more than they absolutely have to. The teachers are OK - to be fair, the good ones are amazing to learn from, and you will get all the knowledge you need for the real world if you are paying attention. OTOH, the bad teachers are some of the worst I've ever had, and this is my second time through college.

One more thing to consider. If you are thinking about Eagle Gate for a medical career, be aware that they are ONLY accredited with ACICS, and NOT CAAHEP or ABHES. This will make a huge difference if you want to eventually become certified in your field. The only realistic (and affordable) option this leaves open is NCCT. 6 months after successfully completing NCCT requirements for phlebotomy certification, I'm still not certified as a phlebotomist because they changed their policies to require a diploma or degree. Since I don't have that (yet) I'm still not technically a certified phlebotomist. With that in mind, I looked at certifying with AMT or AAME, but Eagle Gate's lack of accreditation required for these organizations means I will have to certify with NCCT whether I want to or not, if I want to be certified.

Based on other reviews I see here, it looks like I will need to take all my classes over again if I want to go any further in my career.

If I'd known these things before I started at Eagle Gate, I would've chosen a college such as Evergreen, which IS accredited with the necessary agencies. I am disappointed, to say the least, and I will be copying this review to as many other college review sites as I can find.

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