API Documentation (V.1)

MatchCollege.com provides access to college data via a free web service API, please contact us at [email protected] with any questions regarding implementation or usage.

API Details


This document provides instruction for version 1 of Matchcollege.com API.


An API key is required, please acquire a key by contacting us at [email protected]. Please include your name, company and intended usage of the API.

API Call Functions

  • college_search

API Request Formats

  • REST

API Response Formats

  • XML (default)
  • JSON
  • PHP

Usage Limits

We reserve the right to place limits on the usage of this API.

  • Connections: Number of API calls per day
  • Bandwidth: Amount of data transferred per day

API Usage



Returns college data that match search variables.


Note: All spaces must be replaced with a "+", e.g. Los+Angeles.


  • fn = college_search
  • v = 1
  • *key = [Your Key]
  • *zip = 5 Digit Zip Code
  • *city = City Name
  • *state = 2 Letter State Abbreviation

*Requires EITHER zip or city and state combination


  • college_type = The type of college or university [4-year/2-year/less than 2-year]
  • college_funding = The method of funding for the college [public/private]
  • distance = Distance in miles away from a specific zip or city and state. Default value is 50 miles.


  • college_id = Matchcollege.com id for the college
  • latitude = The latitude for the college
  • longitude = The longitude for the college
  • college_name = The name for the college or university
  • address
  • city
  • state
  • zip
  • general_phone = The general use phone number
  • college_website = The website address for the college
  • college_type = The type of college or university [4-Year/2-Year/Less Than 2-Year]
  • college_funding = The method of funding [Public/Private]
  • highest_degree = The highest degree offered for the college
  • college_student_size = The range of student enrollment
  • college_alias = Any alias or abbreviations for the college
  • distance = Distance in miles away from a specific zip or city and state.
  • url = Matchcollege.com url for the college profile

Example API Call:


Example API Response:

XML Response

JSON Response

PHP Response

API Error Responses

Error Code: 1 - Invalid Hostname or IP

Error Code: 2 - Invalid API Key

Error Code: 3 - Usage Limit Reached

Error Code: 4 - Invalid Request