Taft University System Online

Taft University is formally known as the William Howard Taft University and is a private, independent university based in Denver, Colorado.  Taft University was founded in 1976 offering continuing education courses for Certified Public Accountants (CPAs).

The school grew and added an online university division and fused together with the Taft Law School which makes up Taft University System today.

Both Taft University and Taft Law School are accredited by the Distance Education Accreditation Commission (DEAC). The school offers an array of graduate programs that include: educational administration, educational technology & leadership concentration, charter school administration, education, business administration, information technology, taxation, MBA, entrepreneurship, health care administration, and business administration.

Taft University also offers certificate programs in the following: eBusiness, marketing, finance, accounting, project management, and international business.

In terms of admissions, Taft University provides a path by degree level and degree concentration to help streamline the application process.  For example, students looking to study the Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts program at TU will have two applications to consider given their unique background.

One application is designed for domestic applicants and the other for foreign students.  The same process applies for degree programs from MBA, MST, M Ed, and Doctoral degree applicants.

Online students will have the ability to access rigorous, quality curricula from anywhere with an internet connection.  Taft does provide substantive discounts on software to students which can be accessed via the school's admissions office.  Qualifications and requirements of Taft students include the following criteria:

  • Computer Literacy Basics
  • Laptop or desktop computer with sufficient RAM & Storage
  • Dependable access to the internet
  • Access to email
  • Software applications such as Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat

For additional information about Taft University System online, simply complete the form on this page or visit the school’s website for more information on programs offered and consumer disclosures at

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