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Echelon Edge Academy Of Hair Skin and Nails Reviews

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  • Reviewed on February 06, 2011 (Flag Review)
  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

I have had my hair colored and cut several times over the last 5 months at Echelon Edge and each time it came out near perfect. I was clear what I told both the student and supervisor and watched as my hair was cut. Also the color, which is hard for my hair, came out well each time as well. I am very good at color and know what to use and how to use it my self for perfect results. They did as well or better than I can, so I am very satisfied with their work and at prices that are less than 50% of the going rate.

  • Reviewed on March 21, 2010 (Flag Review)
  • Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

Going to Echelon Edge to get my hair cut was the worst experience of my life. I went there a week ago armed with a magazine and pictures of a hair style I wanted -- a chin-length bob, layer and textured, light bangs and no A-line in the back. I specifically told the girl (B****) that I did not want it shorter in the back than the front. I should have known something was wrong when she cut the length at just below my ear lobe. I asked her, "How short is this going to be?" I was alarmed from the beginning. She assured me it would be the length I wanted. Long story short, I got a cut where the front is nearly the length I wanted with multiple layers but the back is only 1" short!!! I'm still wondering how she arrived at this cut from a chin-length picture. She never showed me what she was doing in the back and the supervisor was there only at the start of the cut and at the end to pass it off. The supervisor didn't even really check my hair by combing through it. She just looked at it and passed the girl off. Also, the supervisor was there when I showed her the picture, so I know she knew what kind of cut I was asking for. The biggest insult was that B**** then pulled the hair down on the sides of my face to show that the length of the cut was the same (not) as the length in the picture, but she never showed me the back. When I got home, I was so upset I cried. I wanted the layered, textured, chin-length bob so it could grow out for the length I wanted for my 40th high school reunion. Now I have a hair cut that is as short as Ellen DeGeneres'. And, no insult to Ellen, but if I wanted a cut that short, I would have brought in a picture asking for it to be cut that short. Also, the layers don't blend. They look chopped and hacked at. As a co-worker of mine said this week, "Who chewed your hair?" And it's true, my hair looks like I was attacked in the night by a hair-eating rodent. It's so short now, the only way to fix this is to let it grow out so it can be corrected over time. The bottom line is that Echelon Edge does not supervise their students, the students don't listen to the patron, and the end result is that you will get the kind of cut the student decides they want to do regardless of what kind of cut you want. My first hint should have been when Bree told me she cut her boyfriend's hair all the time. That said, maybe Bree should consider Barber school instead because she certainly loves to cut ... and cut ... and cut until your hair is practically gone. In summary, don't go to Echelon Edge if you are wanting a good cut and style. The students aren't well supervised and they lack the skills to give a good cut. If you do go, don't expect a certain type of cut. You won't get what you want. You WILL get what ever cut the student can dream up and pass off while they try to convince you that you got the style you asked for. This experience has to be one of the most humiliating I have ever experienced.

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