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Hair Professionals School of Cosmetology Reviews

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  • Reviewed on August 28, 2012 (Flag Review)
  • Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

DO NOT GO HERE. My experience as a student at Hair Professionals in Oswego was traumatizing and stressful. I would NEVER recommend this school to any future student for multiple reasons. When I first signed up with administration I did not realize how dangerous the student parking would be. The students are forced to park in an unpaved, unlit, and unmarked lot across Route 34. Since Hair Professionals does not provide any lockers to store equipment, even though it is a requirement, all students must carry their two heavy cases, manikins, and school books across the street. Since there is no crosswalk I have personally almost been hit by cars multiple times. The winter time is a nightmare with the ice and snow mounds. However, the staff gets to comfortably park in the building's parking lot. Another frustrating issue is their lack of professionalism. A few weeks into my experience I realized they did not care about my education. The teacher in basics class would leave the room for extended periods of time only to be found gossiping with the teacher on the floor. My basics class was taught out of two different text books. I was personally given the older version of the textbook along with a few other girls while the teacher taught out of the new book, which the tests were based off of. When I approached administration about the irritating issue I was belittled and told to "take better notes". In NO other educational program would it be allowed to teach out of two different text books. I paid the same amount as the person sitting next to me. Once I finished basics I went on the floor to realize that there were not enough stations or teachers per student. Even though they advertise spacious classrooms, the school became so overcrowded that about halfway through the program they started having theory class out of the salon floor with no desks for students to write on. The students would rush to school to try to secure their own station. I felt so uncomfortable because when I was given my first few clients, there was no one around to help me. There was only ONE teacher on the floor with sometimes over 25 students. On many occasions I would chase the teacher around and still receive no help. Keep in mind, they have cameras that administration watch like hawks to make sure no students are sitting down, and if they do see you sitting they come out from the back and demand you to stand. It is even MORE frustrating that multiple people, including myself, have had many things stolen (since there are no secure lockers) and administration refuses to check the cameras to try to solve the issue. In fact, their solution is to charge you for replacing the stolen items. Interesting? I would strongly recommend anyone looking at any Hair Professionals to think twice about their decision. Beware of the fine print in their contract; especially where it states that rules may change without any written notification. You will not be allowed to use your cell phone in the building, even on break. If they even see your cell phone it will be seized. I did not receive an optimal education and am not prepared. I feel EXTREMELY SCAMMED! GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. I felt like their top priority was to make money. I felt like I was there every day to be used to perform their services for them to make money without HELPING or EDUCATING me during the process. I BEGGED TO BE TAUGHT. But I felt more like an employee than a student. Repeatedly I did not receive a lunch break because I was forced to work through the day. Even though I did not receive my 30 minute break it was taken out of my daily clock hours therefore many days I was cheated out of 30 minutes I actually worked. I know students who became so irritated by the mistreatment at Hair Professionals and transferred to other schools, but still owe them their money. Once you reach 750 hours, you owe the whole tuition. If you are crazy enough to pursue Hair Professionals after reading this, take a copy of the contract to an attorney first, I wish I would have.

  • Reviewed on August 22, 2012 (Flag Review)
  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

I went to this school and it was great. The last review is bull. It's all laid out in the documents you sign BEFORE you even start school. This person knew what they were getting into. Sounds like they decided not to go and was upset when the school enforced their polices. I've been cutting hair for over 15 years and I've done it WITH the education I received at this school. I've got a great following.

  • Reviewed on May 21, 2012 (Flag Review)
  • Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

WARNING SCAM ALERT!!!!!!! i hate that i have to give this school one star this is absolutely the worst school in Oswego. it's time to exposes this school... be on time or you will pay money and make sure you come and stay or you will pay money .they have were you have to do your hand on after ever semester and take a test you can not fail any hand on or you will have to take the whole entire semester over and do not for get to where you t-shirt Tuesday and Saturdays or you will get send home of do not forget you nuts and bolts book it a business course it 5 books and all the test are hand written word by word so i hope you can written and get ready for when you have to my your $50 scrapbook it come out your pocket you have to always bring and people to practice on like cute there hair they have to pay to get what ever you do too them and you have to bring them or you can not move on to learn something new and remember the long you take to get out the more you pay ... when you drop or get kick out you do not get all your thing but they will send you the bill .and sale all the thing you did not get in your kits you can not .and other thing you can not transfer any hours to any school until you pay out of your pocket the money the balance they say you owe the balance they say i o is 9,000 and financial do not cover the balance you will have to pay all that back and if you drop of transfer make sure you go to your lender of financial aid to ask that you be put on the deferment program So you do not go in to default on your loan they will not tell you this so i will so I give you all can to help you with this scam school

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