The Art Institute of New York City

Also known as The New York Restaurant School

218-232 West 40th Street, New York, NY

The Art Institutes, also referred to as Ai, is a system of schools located throughout the country that provide art education courses and degrees. Over 50 colleges comprise the system, offering varying programs and levels of education. The system was founded in 1969 through the acquisition of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh by the Education Management Corporation (EDMC). Over the subsequent years the Ai model of education has been replicated in campuses across the United States, as well as through a distance learning program launched in 2000.

Ai offers a large variety of programs through the following areas of study:

  • Design
  • Media Arts
  • Fashion
  • Culinary Arts

The programs offered may result in a certificate, associate, bachelors or master’s degree. AI’s focus on art education separates it from traditional post-secondary education institutions, as the school specializes in the development of skills and abilities unique to art related fields and industries.

Some of the more notable programs offered include:

  • Interior Design
  • Graphic & Web Design
  • Photography
  • Digital Film
  • Fashion Design

New York Location

The New York branch of Art Institute is located at 218-232 West 40th Street. Close to 240 students graduate from this campus annually. This location offers services for students in the form of post-graduation job placement options, career pathway counseling to help students define their goals, and online distance learning for students outside the school's service area. To learn more, including the school's consumer disclosures, by visiting

Other Fashion or Art Schools

The list of nearby schools has been selected by researching which schools offer similar programs to The Art Institute of New York City.

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