Allen School of Health Sciences – Brooklyn

188 Montague Street, Brooklyn, NY

The Allen School of Health Sciences was founded in 1961 and operates two locations in the state of New York, and one in Arizona. The campuses are located in Jamaica, Brooklyn, and Phoenix provide students in those areas with the resources necessary to enter into a an allied health profession.

Allen School of Health Sciences is focused on providing a quality education to its students through its specialized curriculum and its years of experience producing allied health professionals, over 70,000 since the school's founding.
The Allen School provides career education in various allied health professions. Student enrolled in one of the programs will earn a diploma or degree allowing for entry into the allied health profession for which they have studies. Such programs take between one and two years to complete and are fully accredited.

Courses are taught by medical professionals with years of experience in allied healthcare professions. In addition to on campus programs, student may choose to enroll in the distance learning program in order to produce a more flexible schedule to conform to one's situation.  Programs offered:

Admissions and Financial Aid
Enrollment to the Allen School of Health Sciences requires students to contact the school and speak with a representative to outline which program and career goals are right for them followed by submitting an application for enrollment and registration for courses.
Financial aid is available to full time students in the form of loans.

Students may speak with a financial aid advisor to complete the necessary forms to be considered for financial aid. Funds are disbursed based on need, and once eligibility is determined, will be disbursed at the start of the school year.  For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information consider visiting our website.

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