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  • Reviewed on October 15, 2013 (Flag Review)
  • Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

They tell you when you meet with one of the counselors that you are getting quality education for the money your are spending with them. They will help you reach deep into your pockets and snatch the green right out of your hands! I was promised that they have a thing called remediation that once your grade starts to hit lower then 83 percent they will put you in remediation. "Remediation is something that we have at this school that will help our students if they are struggling."

Yes people they do have Remediation to help students!!! What it is they make you sign a piece of paper saying you are at 83 percent in the class. You are in jeopardy of failing. And that's it! There is your help you were promised.

The school and the administration don't even care about your complaints about incompetent and incapable teachers.

Anyway back to this corrupted school... students are told that the school will give any them 5 community hours if they go on the internet and leave a positive review about AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF HEALTH SCIENCE,.. AUHS... not so Christian like they advertise.

Let me also mention that this school is not accredited by the right governing body.. Which means if you want to transfer your credits say into Cal State Fullerton or any other university they will deny you because they don't care about CCNE like the school keeps bragging about. Shoot they even had mandatory meetings with all the students, bought us food, and coached us on what to say when the officials from CCNE came to check the school out. What a crock of ******!!! By the way if you are planning to advance into your masters program it won't happen at another school! because AUHS isn't accredited with WASP! Yeah you could get your masters at American University of Health Science so plan on living in Long Beach for the next 6 to 8 years because other school will tell you sorry cant do nothing about it. And if you fail out good luck with the 100k debt the AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF HEALTH SCIENCES leaves you with because the credits you take here will not be transferable! IF YOU DONT' BELIEVE ME CHECK WITH OTHER SCHOOLS!!!! PRETEND THAT YOU ATTEND AUHS AND ASK THEM EMAIL A NURSING COUNSELOR FROM ANOTHER SCHOOL THEY WILL REPLY TO YOU TRY IT!!! It won't hurt anything you are investing 100k to this sorry A** school.


  • Reviewed on July 20, 2012 (Flag Review)
  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

It was my pleasure speaking with Admissions (after a long drive from Bakersfield) about the necessary attributes required for nursing, the importance of having ethics and morals, and the value of leadership. I had never seemed any one so bluntly honest with me about the requirements of his BSN program and the kind of commitment required to success. Such fierce commitment at first sounded very scary and disheartening but on the way back, I reflected my experience at hospital as LVN, I could not agree with the school more. The sincerity and honesty have been the major factor of choosing the school.

From the dialog with Admissions, due the the quarter system and the nature of the profession, I learned from the meeting (a very long one though) that the prerequisites were not only courses to serve as an introduction to nursing, but were also a stepping stone into the workload that lies ahead in the curriculum. On the contrary, the open houses i had gone to mostly gave the candidate very vague information as if they had enough students on the waiting list. They spoke me with interest after reading my transcripts.

As a BS holder from Cal State, an LVN for 2 years, I wanted a school with popularity and reputation--inexpensive, shorter, fair, and less complicated-- but after waiting for admission from all public schools, i could not help but wonder if it is really bad idea to spend more for education. Time on waiting costs me too. Huge pools of students in one class do not seem appealing either.

What drew me to the school is the strong camaraderie between the students and the willingness to assist each other toward success. I was convinced wholeheartedly that the atmosphere of AUHS will keep me driven and determined. Therefore, i made my suggestion on Yelp, and hopefully it will not be filtered at all.

I appreciate the honesty, I do not think though the school is for everyone. I do not suggest every going to AUHS but you should definitely find out about schools yourself, rather than buying it because of my personal experience.

Be smart in finding the right school for you.

  • Reviewed on February 16, 2012 (Flag Review)
  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

I first heard about AUHS when my aunt attended the school for the pharmacy technician program. I later learned more about its new Pharm D. and BSPS programs from Raelette San Buenaventura (former BSN student at AUHS). I also considered going back to school at El Camino College and Cyprus College, but eventually I chose AUHS because it seemed like the most direct path to what I wanted to do and focused more on pharmacy.

I would absolutely recommend AUHS. Although AUHS pharmacy school is now, there are many reasons why the program interests me.

1. AUHS focuses on local and community involvement as promoting the Christian World View. Community involvement and giving back has and always will play a big part in any Christian's life. After attending the Open House, I am inspired by the goals that this University holds. The founder and professors strive to bring education to the community. This University seems to have high regards for philanthropy of which I hope to possess even after I become a pharmarcist. A mandatory mission trip as part of graduation requirement fits my dream of ventures through my future pharmacy education because such a journey will provide me some guidance in making a difference in health care.

2. Even though I am not 100% sure if the program will smoothly start in 2012 (they stated it in the application packet), I believe that there are many opportunities that come with attending a new program. I would have a chance to play an active role in making a difference in health care in additon to having a say about the curriculum of the program.

3. Another factor that has played an impact in my decision is the diversity of the faculty and staff. It's essential to cultural awareness in order to better communicate and serve patients from different backgrounds. I feel that focusing on diversity on campus could help build such a compentency. In my opinion, persuing professional education at AUHS would build my charactors and skills to standout among other healthcare providers in such a competitive world.

If for any reason, I could not have the chance to start this year, I do not think I would think twice about trying it again next year.

  • Reviewed on February 08, 2012 (Flag Review)
  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

I am about to start BSN at AUHS this Spring.

My background is a little bit different from most of the applicants this term. I lived in Redondo Beach. I finished high school in Viet nam. I got my GED at Torrance Adult school. I attended El Camino College, Golden West College, Long Beach City College and Los Angeles Harbor College.

At the onset, my counselor planned my study plans with me, so before I applied, I was able to have completed 72 units to be tranferred into the university, which is going to save me and my husband a lot of money. Tuition (cost of the units) is estimated around 68, 000 for 2.5 years. The school is private; of course, the cost of attendance is higher than that of the public nursing program. Yet, AUHS is still reasonable in comparison with other private schools that increase tuition almost every year.

I had considered many city colleges for the financial reason, but I evetually decided to choose AUHS for my BSN program because I know associate's degree may later on take more time if i want to get my MSN. My counselor has been working with me for over 1 year. She responded my email very fast, and I never felt ignored. Making sure the entire admission process is what she does the best in addition to counseling.

A lot of people were afraid of taking a test. Let me tell you. The entrance test is NOT hard at all. IT is timed, some can be tricky, but I would never claim it hard. It assesses, I was told, how fast you react to a timed, urgent, and stressful situation--like the real work place when nurses are saving patients.
The TEAS is necessary; my score is 85%--not very high but I got accepted into the program.

Nursing Dean was very personable. The meeting with the dean helped me understand that tbeing in the nursing program takes sacrifice, discipline, commitment, true study habits, and the drive to become a nurse. During the interview with the dean, besides her explanation about the requirements to graduate from the program to get a BSN, she told me that AUHS is now CCNE accredited, which was one of my concerns last year when I first inquired.

She also identified my strength--my bilingual and bi-cultural background--that will help me serve more people/immigrants from my country better in terms of health care. I cannot believe that the admission process has given me more than what I had anticipated.

I'm looking forward to the nursing program at AUHS.

  • Reviewed on February 06, 2012 (Flag Review)
  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

I am proud to be part of AUHS.

As a RN student, I’d advise someone who is interested in working in this field that he or she have solid academic foundation like Algebra, Chem and bio.

Oh, speaking of shopping for nursing schools, you can start at BRN website ( Yet, make sure you don't set your hopes up without checking your savings accounts and credit score. Let me remind you this--ALL PRIVATE SCHOOLS ARE COSTLY. THEY DON'T GET FUNDS FROM THE STATE. So make sure you are financially secure first. No Financial Aid officers can solve any financial issues. The tuition I pay is $530 a unit, about $7,000 a quarter for me (i pay cash; parents do not want to borrow).

At the consultation and info session, the school (from Admissions to the Dean of nursing) notified me about their requirements, challenges, and reward of being a nursing student at AUHS. Like Loma Linda, AUHS has a set plan for you to take classes to graduate without telling you---Sorry, the class is not available due to budge cut.

AUHS is NOT perfect with flaws, of course. NOT all students are 200% satisfied with the school for different reasons like the library hours, internet and etc. I had complained too, like the class being too hard, the teacher being too strict, and the schedule being too long. It required me no effort to complain I guess to feel better. But come on--this university is only 5 years old.

Yet, I can assure you that all nursing students are very glad to be in the program. The best thing about AUHS is the closeness among staff, teachers, and students. They make sure you know that they want to hear your suggestions. The amazing part of nursing is professors make themselves available to us.

You should take a look at this university--it is not a vocational school, even though AUHS offers pharm tech--in person to see if AUHS should be your school of nursing. It took me 3 months to finish 4 of my prerequisites. Now I am in the 2nd year.

As much as I would love to keep complaining how intense the program is, and how hard the clinical is, I have to be fair and say one thing--Thank you AUHS for giving me a chance to be a nurse.

  • Reviewed on February 05, 2012 (Flag Review)
  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

I also drove two hours from UCSD to Long Beach after doing my research on the clinical research grad program. I found doing some homework before visiting schools is often saving time. Reading websites of the schools and programs is a good start. Do NOT visit any school without research even if some family friend refers you. Not knowing what requirements are and the relevant information to your situation and qualification will allow the school admissions to fully control the conversation. Then you become an uneducated buyer and you cannot blame they only tell you what you need to hear. My meeting was painless and the counselor made the process very clear because the program information and requirements were sent to me two week in advance. It would be my fault if I did not pass the entrance or I was not eligible to apply, I would be the one to blame,
I was offered to speak to the program director when I am granted an interview. I was already advised on the selection criteria so I understand how to get ready when I am contacted for an interview. Honestly I never knew who my advisors were and the information was never thorough-- which makes me conclude competition among private schools benefit applicants. Yet AGAIN you must do the homework. Be smart; Do Not believe everything you read ONLINE. If you are thinking I am suggesting you not listen to me, then you are smarter now. Make your own decision; be your boss. It is eventually you who either will be glad or sorry about your own decision. I am found my research on the information the counselor gave me. So far it has been correct. It actually help me obtain more understanding about the profession. The economy so bad that people should be smart and not to waste more time for another degree in which I cannot find jobs!

  • Reviewed on February 03, 2012 (Flag Review)
  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

I want the school I chose to attend for nursing is the one that teaches the students the essential information that they need to be skilled at nursing and to pass the NCLEX during their first try. I am in the final admissions stage at AUHS and still believe my choice is not a poor one for
• AUHS is CCNE accredited
• AUHS has small cohorts that allow more one on one help
• AUHS has high NCLEX passing scores
• AUHS has job placement services
• AUHS goes on missionary programs abroad (where it’s severely needed), does blood drives, and helps the community (specially the homeless and poor)
• Students I met on campus told me that the teachers are very accessible, helpful, and knowledgeable.
• Students claim that the school environment is based on teamwork and helping one another rather than cut-throat competition
• The founders, counselors, and staff help and encourage applicants and constantly keep them updated about AUHS. You can easily see that they truly care about the students, the community, and their job.
• AUHS makes some decisions based on student input (ex. from student government)
Admissions has been very honest about the school, and I was not pressured to go to AUHS.

  • Reviewed on February 02, 2012 (Flag Review)
  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

I visited the school at info session and really enjoyed the atmosphere. Staff was polite and informative. New school with new programs. Yet the current students seemed happy with the professors although the programs sounded intense and challenging. The campus is rather small and parking seems an issue. I did not find any guards or security on duty. Maybe next to the police station is enough. Financial aid department is not open to the public until you are accepted. Hard to locate the FA calculator but the tuition is in the catalog online. Job placement appeared a big focus and the rate is pretty promising. The pharmacy school is applying for accreditation, no students yet. The entrance exam is employed and given to all programs. Reviews on their nursing were horrible when the school first started but more positive ones appear online. History seemed to repeat itself; the Pharmacy school does not share nursing's accomplishments. Website has next zero intonation on pharmacy and hard to browse. Student affairs sounds like registrar. Cons: life is as empty as the website. Library ,copiers and wifi are bit outdated. Operating hours are shorter than class schedules. Room for improvements. Limited resource. Good for people who do not care about their stay at school, but in return very few distractions.

  • Reviewed on September 19, 2011 (Flag Review)
  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

I feel very motivated and driven by the BSPS program as well as the Pharmacy Doctorate program at AUHS. I find no other school that provides such a meaningful and well structured system that can succeed and advance my passion and skills to help others throughout the world through the field of medicine and health. I believe that in the environment provided by this school, I will grasp every opportunity that is handed to not only better myself and the ones around me, but to better the rest of the world.

  • Reviewed on June 16, 2011 (Flag Review)
  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

I was a community college student from Norwalk, California and was able to transfer all my pre-requisite classes to AUHS. I took the entrance test and passed, I am currently taking my first Bachelor's degree at AUHS. I found out about this school through my cousins who recently graduated and passed the N-clex. I chose this school because it was less expensive, close to my house and they offered curriculum I needed to complete my nursing degree and offers financial aid to help me pay for my tuition.

  • Reviewed on June 16, 2011 (Flag Review)
  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

I've decided to attend AUHS because I found that this school took most of my units. They also provided a great academic curriculum that will help me obtain a wealth of knowledge. AUHS is also involved in many community service activities around Long Beach. I really like a school that cares about their community. I also really enjoyed working with all my professors because they were really understanding and enthusiastic. The professor at AUHS are always willing to help.

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