Cochran School of Nursing

967 North Broadway-Andrus Pavillion-Saint John's Riverside, HOSP, Yonkers, NY

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The Cochran school of nursing offers a great variety of nursing programs and helps students to work in a very professional training environment. The mission of the Cochran school of nursing is to provide training to adult learners in arts and science in a very professional and highly developed manner. This school of learning offers a two-year program in applied science (A.A.S) with a major in nursing and then prepares their graduates for NCLEX-RN exams. This preparation leads them to licensure as registered professional nurses. The school of nursing is located in Yonkers, NY in the Andrus Pavilion.

When students apply for admission into the Cochran School of Nursing at their specific nursing programs, they must pay $35 as the non-refundable application processing fee.

The school also has a simulation lab, which is implemented to enhance the clinical experience of the students. It gives students an opportunity to learn how the assessments can be performed by applying theoretical concepts and making decisions without fearing to harm patients. It is the oldest school of nursing in the Westchester County and more than 2,000 nurses all time have gotten their degree from the Cochran School. It offers extensive financial aid to qualifying students through scholarship and grant programs. More than 90% of the students are awarded financial aid.

Programs Offered

The program list below was created by historical graduation information reported by the school. This list may not represent the current curriculum offered. Visit the school's website to get more information about programs offered.

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(C) Certificate or Award | (A) Associate's | (B) Bachelor's | (M) Master's Degree | (D) Doctorate (PhD,...)

  • The tuition charges per year are around $11,400*
  • Estimated required fees (in addition to tuition) for this program: $2,390*
  • Part-time undergraduate students can expect to pay around $560 per credit hour*
  • About thirty students were granted degrees in the last reported year

*The posted costs for tuition, fees and supplies are determined through historical data and may not represent current costs.
**Repayment rates, earnings, and loan payments are estimated to provide a comparative context. For more detailed information individuals are asked to contact the school.

Estimated Costs & Financial Aid

The items listed below are for informational purposes only and may not represent current tuition, fees, and expenses.

Note: Financial aid is only available for those who qualify, check with the school for details.

Tuition & Fees Information

  • The estimated tuition range is around $11,000-$14,000 per year
  • The estimated tuition for part time students is around $560 to $680 per credit hour
  • Required fees for full-time students: $2,500

Financial Aid Details

The table below breaks down the types of financial aid, the percent of students receiving aid, and average amount of aid per student.

 Percent of StudentsAverage Amount
Receiving Grants & Scholarships51%$2,421
Student Loans (Federal)72%$4,241

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