Questar III – School of Practical Nursing (QUESTAR III)

35 Colleen Road, Troy, NY

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Questar III - School of Practical Nursing is a BOCES school that caters to 23 school districts across three counties – Columbia, Greene and Rensselaer. The School of Practical Nursing provides a full-time, 10 ½ month LPN program that consists of 1188 hours of clinical, laboratory and classroom instruction. Questar III students who successfully complete and graduate from the LPN program are eligible to sit for the NCLEX-PN Examination for their licensure.

In order to be admitted to the course, applicants must take the TEAS V exam and obtain a set minimum score of 60% or better on the reading portion and 56% or better on the math portion. Once accepted, they must show their CPR certification (BLS) from the American Heart Association. A physical examination is also carried out, and candidates must attend a financial aid session with the Financial Aid Facilitator. They must also purchase uniforms and schools supplies before classes commence.

Tuition for the LPN program is $11,800 plus $100 admission fee after acceptance into the program. Other costs consist of CPR, scrubs, immunization and physical, etc. The BOCES Rensselaer School of PN participates in the Pell Grant and Direct Loan programs, but not in any of the NYS aid programs. A strict refund policy involves a full charge of $11,800 if a student withdraws from the program after the 4th full week after commencement.

BOCES is a hallmark educational administration model that facilitates the sharing of resources between school districts, and currently operates as 37 independent BOCES bodies. 712 school districts are served by BOCES.

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