Fastest Growing College Degrees

College Degrees with Over 100% Growth

You may be surprised to learn the 12 fastest growing college degree programs are not the most popular programs.  In fact, the fastest growing college degree program in the United States only had fifty-seven graduates nationwide in 2014.  Yes, the single fastest growing college degree program was Vision Science and Physiological Optics up a whopping 229% year over year.

The two largest programs by number of graduates was Multimedia/Intermedia and Security & Loss Prevention Services.  It is no shock to see the Multimedia college degree programs growing at a rapid rate with the demand for this discipline surging in the marketplace.  The most popular degree in Multimedia was the bachelor’s degree track which can be found by searching for schools here.

The Security & Loss Prevention Services degree program had a nearly 150% increase in awards year over year.  In light of the growing emphasis on cybersecurity and cyberterrorism, this program is likely to continue growing at a rapid rate for the foreseeable future.   Also worth noting, this program is offered as a 1-2 certificate program and has grown 1,000% year over year.

Degree                                                       YOY % Change in Degrees Awarded

The degrees above may be more than a passing interest for you and for colleges.  In fact, growing programs can be a wonderful segue for students looking to gain admissions to a programs with low acceptance rates.  Likewise, these programs provide colleges and universities with growth prospects in vital areas demanded by employers and the workplace.  Take the time to research each further and collect free information from colleges and universities across the country with a single click with MatchCollege and make this your year!

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