Top Study Abroad Colleges

In today’s hyper-connect world, visiting the other side of the world can be just a click away.  That being said, nothing replaces the richness of being immersed in a different part of the world.  Your senses come alive!  The new sights, sounds, smells, and energy cannot be fully explained without living it.  The colleges below have proven to have formidable programs for students to study abroad with quality programs and exceptional professors.  Studying abroad provides students the ability to learn more about the world around them, build lasting friendships, learn from worldly people, and discover more about themselves in the process.

Common programs that many schools offer are summer study abroad programs and full-year programs through a college or university.  In addition, students can volunteer or intern abroad as an extension of the school or independent from a college program.

The opportunity to study abroad can be quite appealing for certain students and a valuable life experience coupled with taking classes towards your degree.  Thousands of students every year opt for the adventure of studying overseas and come back changed forever.  Sharing that experience lasts for a lifetime and can be very appealing to future employers.  All in all, the study abroad programs listed below are the best of the best and can be considered as viable programs for students seeking a great experience.


Goucher College

University of Dallas

University of Denver

Gonzaga University

Elon University

Centre College

University of San Diego

Dickinson College

University of Delaware

Georgetown University

New York University

George Washington University

Suffolk University

Union College (NY)

Carleton College

Earlham College

Worcester Polytechnic Institute


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