Top Rated College Alumni Programs

Colleges with the Best Alumni Network

Student spend an inordinate amount of time researching the best colleges and universities prior to making a final decision.  The number of factors can range from proximity to academic strength to athletic programs to professor tenure.  An important component of any college that is as important as other factors can be the strength of the school’s alumni network.  A college or university’s alumni network can be a great source of support and information for students and graduates.  The alumni network bands together to help support graduates successfully integrate into the workforce along with chapter meetings to network and help others.  As a result of the important work college alumni networks do for students, we have culled a short list of great 4 year college programs for review.

Alumni members can act as a liaison between you and a potential employer, act as a mentor, a friend, and a partner.   At many colleges and universities, the value of the alumni network is both robust and valuable.  It is more than getting together to watch a football game together but being members of a unique community.  This community serves to help one another be successful and find challenging opportunities given a unique set of strengths and abilities.  Get plugged into a great school and be prepared to stay connected by giving back your time, energy, and resources for the benefit of other students and the university.

Stanford University

Virginia Tech

Clemson University

Dartmouth College

Gonzaga University

Texas A&M University

Pennsylvania State University

Johns Hopkins University

Cornell University

University of Virginia

Purdue University

Vanderbilt University

University of Florida

Ohio State University

University of Wisconsin- Columbus

North Carolina State University

Brigham Young University

Washington State University

University of Missouri

Southern Methodist University

Princeton University

Bucknell University

University of South Carolina – Columbia

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