Top Rated 4 Year College Libraries

Libraries are a specially designated place for students to study.  The building itself can vary greatly – ranging from crowded and boxy to spacious and artsy.  Understanding the differences can have an impact on your college life if a library has the power to inspire a student to spend more time studying or inspire them in some way.  As a result of this impact a library can have on students, we have compiled a list of some great libraries at 4 year colleges around the United States that highlight both traditional architecture to modern marvels of construction.  As a sample check out the Geisel Library on the UC San Diego campus named after Theodor Geisel (better known as Dr. Seuss).

For many college students, the time spend in a library is substantial.  It can be the place where you study and gain confidence in your degree of choice.  A library can act as a meeting place between friends or it can be where you meet your future significant other.  Every library experience may be different but it will typically be a hub of the school to gather and share time & information.  Taking the time to visit a school's library may in fact be a tipping point in your decision-making process given the real and perceived importance of that particular building.  Check out the list below of the top rated libraries and schedule a school tour at schools that fit your overall criteria for future colleges.


The University of Chicago

The University of California – San Diego

The United States Military Academy

Yale University

Vassar College

Columbia University

Dartmouth College

Middlebury College

Stanford University

Princeton University

Colgate University

Loyola University New Orleans

Emory University

University of Wisconsin – Madison

West Virginia University

Brigham Young University (BYU)

The College of William & Mary


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