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  • Reviewed on April 18, 2011 (Flag Review)
  • Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

Drew has excellent professors, strong academic programs, and the campus is gorgeous. Because of the college's small size, students get a lot of academic and extracurricular opportunities that they wouldn't get elsewhere. The Political Science and Theatre departments are exceptionally good. Students are very tolerant of all lifestyles and backgrounds.

For a small school, there is a lot of bureaucracy, and dealing with non-academic departments (e.g. housing, health service), is like dealing with the state Department of Motor Vehicles. While housing is guaranteed for four years, getting the housing you want involves hours in line. Health services seemed unprofessional, and anyone with medical issue should go to an off-campus physician or clinic.

The college expects students to make their own social life, and increasingly strict alcohol and social policies have not helped the situation. In the late 1990's when I attended Drew, the alcohol policy was lenient, small parties abounded, and students could come and go to the dormitories. Now dormitory access has become more restrictive, and the college issues hundreds and hundreds of tickets to students each year for alcohol violations, including some of dubious legitimacy (e.g., if one person at a party is underage, everyone at the party gets ticketed).

The biggest problem with Drew is the cost, which for 2011-2012 is around $52,500 (excluding books and personal expenditures), making it one of the most expensive colleges in the nation. Financial aid and scholarships, which were once plentiful, have not really kept up with the tuition. If your family has a lot of money, or you can get a large scholarship to Drew, it may be worth going here if you like the school. However, I very strongly advise against going seriously into debt to come to Drew -- it's really not worth it.

  • Reviewed on February 24, 2010 (Flag Review)
  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

I Love this college!!!!!!!!

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