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What is Biopsychology?

Biopsychology is the area of study that deals with how the human brain works. Individuals in this field looks at the physical and biological processes that take place during various states of thought and operation. Individuals in this field use a variety of methods and techniques to identify these processes, log them and compare them to ascertain similarities and differences from one sample to another.

How to Become a Biopsychologist

Biopsychology programs are a subset of psychology and generally require at minimum a master’s degree, and typically a bachelor’s degree in order to be considered for employment. Individuals studying in this field will learn a variety of methods and techniques in order to study the human brain and its effect on the body. Individuals will have an extensive education in science, psychology, research techniques, and clinical application.

A curriculum may include:

Students searching for ideal schools will need to find a program and department that explores the biological component of psychology, specifically having the resources and facilities to conduct research and allow students to engage in practical experience. Such school may have programs that deal with non-human research or clinical experimentation, and it is for the student to determine which options and opportunities best appeal to his or her goals.

Careers in Biopsychology

Most individuals in this field will seek research positions, working to better understand how emotional states can affect the body and so on. Some individuals may work as psychologists, engaging in grant research through universities while maintaining a separate practice, and others may seek employment with private firms in order to develop and secure new treatments and medications for chemical disorders that may originate in the brain. Job growth should be steady over the next decade, though not as large as the field of psychology as a whole.

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