Ethnic and Cultural Minority Studies Degree

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What is Ethnic and Cultural Minority Studies?

Ethnic and Cultural Minority Studies is an interdisciplinary field of study focused on the culture, politics, psychology, sociology, and history of a variety ethnicities and minorities.

This broad field of study can be applied in every corner of the globe and is vital to understand small and large groups both near and far.  Examples of fields of study or classes that may be included in ethnic and cultural minority studies include dozens of ethnic cultures from around the world and cultures associated with differing groups.

Top Ethnic Studies Degree

As a multidisciplinary degree, students seeking a degree in this field will be faced with a wide variety of options.  First, students can choose a learning modality that works best for them.  The options for modes of learning include online degree programs, classroom-based programs, or hybrid models.  Next, students can elect a field of study or area of concentration.  The following areas of study may be a good fit for you depending on your goals and career focus:

  • African American Studies
  • Eastern European Studies
  • Minority Studies
  • United States Studies
  • Central European Studies
  • Middle European Studies
  • Women’s Studies
  • LGBTQ Studies
  • Chicano Studies
  • Asian Civilizations Studies
  • European Civilizations Studies
  • Cultural Studies
  • East Asian Studies
  • Ethnic Studies
  • Gender Studies

Finally, students can select between degree levels.  Depending on the school, degree programs may include a combination of certificate programs, associate degrees, bachelor degrees, and graduate programs.

Each degree program comes with a different set of guidelines and expectations so researching the best path for you will take time and energy up-front.  To learn more about degree programs from accredited schools, simply connect with any number of accredited schools below.

Educational Requirements in Cultural Studies

In terms of educational requirements, Ethnic and Cultural Minority Studies degree holders will have typically studied the following courses while in college:

Skills & Abilities Required in Ethnic Studies

  1. Speaking
  2. Oral Comprehension
  3. Speech Recognition
  4. Written Comprehension
  5. Instructing
  6. Reading Comprehension
  7. Active Listening
  8. Writing
  9. Speech Clarity
  10. Oral Expression

Employment in Ethnic & Cultural Specializations

For students that earn a college degree in Ethnic and Cultural Minority Studies, there are several fields of specialization that one can pursue.  The options range from middle school teachers, high school teachers, postsecondary teachers, researcher, curriculum designer, historian, artist, and author to name a few possible career tracks.

Job Growth in Cultural Studies

The job growth cultural and ethnic studies appear to be steady according to the BLS.  Similar career paths are also seeing an above average bump in jobs.  College professors and high school teachers, for example, expect a 13% and 7% bump accordingly.  The broad nature of this degree allows students to select a wide variety of career paths after graduation.  Many students opt to continue on to graduate school to earn master's degrees in various academic disciplines.

Top Ethnic & Cultural Association

The Cultural Studies Association (CSA) is a well-known, highly respected association that may be worth investigating. In addition to hosting conferences and providing training to its members, the CSA helps link professionals in the field and assists with job placements.  The research articles alone may be worth joining as it provides key insights and historical value to various area of study.

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