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Liberal arts colleges found in Colorado is a tightly clustered group of schools sprinkled around the state. Schools within the liberal arts domain include the following schools: Colorado College in Colorado Springs, Mesa State College in Grand Junction, Western State College in Gunnison, and Fort Lewis College in Durango. A traditional liberal arts college is a private college that is defined by its teaching pedagogy. A well-rounded, holistic curriculum is the cornerstone of a liberal arts education for both undergraduate and graduate students. The overarching emphasis within a liberal arts college is the personal development and professional tools build in tandem within a set of broad-based classes. From critical thinking and philosophy to sociology and psychology, students will develop a set of holistic thinking skills as they advance through their coursework.

What are the Advantages of Attending a Liberal Arts College in Colorado

Colorado liberal arts colleges have a number of distinct advantages over other teaching methodologies. The primary reasons to consider a liberal arts college include the curricular focus, class size, preparation, value, and financial aid. The curricular focus of a traditional liberal arts school is not research-focused but student focused. This philosophy put the student first with a focus on growth and maturation. Next, class size will typically be significantly smaller at a liberal arts college when compared to public university. Smaller classes provide students with a greater degree of collaboration and deeper relationships. For students interested in moving on to a master’s degree program, liberal arts schools have been proven to be exceptional at preparing students for graduate school. The forth reason liberal arts schools may be viable for you is the value employers place on the education earned. In a survey by the NACE and a research article by MatchCollege, employers highly value teamwork, communication skills, and analytical ability of their employees. All of these traits are key characteristics which liberal arts colleges can impart to students in a purposeful manner. Finally, the financial aid packages can be substantial which helps to make great liberal arts colleges more affordable for more prospective students.

Listed Below are 5 Liberal Arts Colleges in Colorado

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Colorado College in Colorado Springs, CO

Visit the website for Colorado College at

Program Details

  • Around 2,100 students enrolled
  • Estimated tuition & fees are about $51,000 per year

Visit the website for Fort Lewis College at

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Program Details

  • Around 3,700 students enrolled
  • Estimated tuition & fees are about $8,000 per year

Visit the website for Mesa State College at

Program Details

  • Around 9,400 students enrolled
  • Estimated tuition & fees are about $8,000 per year

Visit the website for Western State College of Colorado at

Program Details

  • Around 2,700 students enrolled
  • Estimated tuition & fees are about $9,000 per year

Notes: Tuition & fee amounts are for both Colorado in-state residents and out of state students, unless noted otherwise. The tuition information displayed is an estimate, which we calculated based on historical data and should be solely used for informational purposes only. Please contact the respective school for information about the current school year.

Source: IPEDS Survey 2012-2015: Data obtained from the US Dept. of Education's Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS). Data may vary depending on school and academic year.