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  • Reviewed on May 26, 2015 (Flag Review)
  • Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

The three reviews that were written prior to mine seem to have been written by the same person.
Well let me assure you, I am NOT the same person as him/ her.

I will say this!
If you want to learn anything about a field or to attempt to learn to get a job in that field....
LCCTC is NOT the place to do it at!
It is nothing more than the old Willow St Vo Tech School with a new name
but the same old lack of quality in it's instructors and administration
Just a place for them to make money and not a place to learn
Yes, the nursing school and hair dressing school and truck driving shool isn't supposed to be bad but if you want to be a mechanic or hvac or machinist or learn about computers as I wanted to... you can do a lot better. A LOT better as this place is the bottom of the proverbial barrel.

There ARE good schools in this area for the trades...two of them being
Stevens Tech and Hacc (if you make it to their main campus for specialized training) but LCCT is NOT one of them and employers all know it and won't hire their grads either.
I took a long term adult training program here and near the end complained as we were taught nothing in class and people were simply goofing off and getting high and so on ...even the instructor. The instructor only sat in a corner and said and did nothing except complain. We were supposed to learn on our own with a few odds and ends that were scattered around the classroom
When I say odds and ends I mean old donated computers such as 8088's and antique ibms that local companys and people had gotten tired of sitting in their garages and donated to the school and so they 'donated' them...we spent most of our time throwing out old nonworking junk computers that were too old to learn from. Most of what we had was scavenged and not much was left-- the school spend no money on tools or equipment. Their were ZERO textbooks or training manuals which I was appalled to find as well. Few tools as well.
I brought in my own tools and books as I was motivated.
I sat there the entire time and learned on my own and became a network engineer by taking exams outside willow st vo tech (oh sorry....lanc career and technology has such a ring to it, doesn't it. sadly, the place is still the old, useless vo tech school for losers they send from high school who were going to drop out but were given a reprieve and allowed to attend vo tech instead of high school. Even the instructors used to talk and laugh about the place being a losers training grounds..their words)
After about 8 months of being in that place I was kicked out for turning in a written as well as oral dissent. Nicely worded, mind you but true to the fact that their was no learning at this place! No teaching being done at all!
I was told to leave...which I did but I rue the fact that so many days of my life and my money was totally wasted at this horrible place already.
I found it less amenable to learning than prison and I have been to both.

Thankfully, I went and on my own...with zero help from 'vo tech' got my certifications for networking by taking a weekend course in New jersey and also studying the books (something you WILL NOT find any of at lcctc)
I later checked in with the three most promising students who were behind me at the class and none of them had any job leads and none were working the field. Basically it was just a place to hang out for nine months but I consider that wasted time in my book.

You take your chances but they are slim to none at the vo tech school.
You may be bamboozled by staff when you first come in to check out the school but ask the hard questions. Ask to see the list of graduates and WHERE and IF they were placed in their field of study. IF they had gotten work on their own or with help of the school
Don't let them bs you. Stevens can show you their list of grads and where they went....most placed well before they graduated. Sure, Stevens is a real school and not a votech but that is no excuse to waste nearly a year of time in place that teaches you and provides you absolutely nothing to even learn in your field of study.
Forget this place
Ask some grads and also ask some employers!
This is only a moneymaking machine set up by the former Michael Curley to bamboozle taxpayers out of their money (the votech school part) and keep at risk kids in school....even if they don't learn a thing.
It is NOT a good place to learn about a trade or field of study in order to
get a good job. It just won't happen. Ask the grads!

  • Reviewed on July 15, 2013 (Flag Review)
  • Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

I am a student of this school & I am having a difficult time learning in the hostile environment that they provide. There are a few instructors there who actually care about their students and their future as a nurse, but for the most part they are just cruel. They criticize and belittle you. As far as administration goes, they are in it for the money. I found it very difficult approaching administration about anything. They do not care about your problems. Overall I do not recommend this school to anyone.

  • Reviewed on March 13, 2013 (Flag Review)
  • Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

The Administration at this school are bullies. They create a very hostile learning environment. They don't care about the students, only lining their pockets for retirement.

  • Reviewed on August 12, 2010 (Flag Review)
  • Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

Good luck getting any response or return call from anyone at this school. They are VERY unorganized.

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