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South University was founded in 1899 by John Draughon, and was known as the Draughon' Practical Business School until the name was changed to South College in 1985 to reflect its new ownership by John T. South. The name was changed later to South University when the school became accredited to offer masters and doctoral degrees. South maintains a large campus in Savannah Georgia, with smaller campuses located in Texas, South Carolina, Alabama, Virginia, and Florida. The school is dedicated to providing a quality education to its students, constantly reviewing and updating programs as needed.


South University offers associate, baccalaureate, master and doctoral degrees in several fields. The programs reflect the demand of industry in today's economy. The programs vary in length based on the degree pursued. The choice of programs in specific fields is to ensure that graduates will be able to pursue careers in relevant areas.  The varying levels of degrees reflect what is possible, with higher level degrees typically pursued by experienced individuals wishing to take the next step in their career. The various programs also reflect the growing need for professionally trained individuals in their respective industries, as the marketplace grows so does the demand for skilled and talented individuals.

Programs offered include:

Admissions and Financial Aid

Students interested in attending South University should request additional information through the website then submit the included application for enrollment. An admission officer will assist in the completion of the application and provided a tour of the campus. Financial aid is available and a South University financial aid officer will assist in identifying financial opportunities and requests. Financial aid is available in the form of loans and grants. Students will be asked to complete forms regarding their or their family's income, after which a determination will be made regarding the awards disbursed by the school and which type of aid given. Scholarships may also be available for interested students. Scholarships may be given for criterion other than need as determined by the overseeing body of the scholarship, and as such typically require a separate application to be considered.  Financial aid is available to those who qualify.

Career Services

South University's office of student affairs assists students by providing a variety of services. These include testing and orientation for new students, programs and extracurricular activities for current students, and job search services for graduates. The office of student affairs is an active part of student life on campus, and operates several facilities available, including the bookstore, counseling and student organizations. Students in need of assistance at South University may find help through the office, as well as opportunities for a career in the future.

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