Top Degrees in Education

Education is the area of study that deals with the skills, methods and techniques necessary to provide education for individuals of varying ages and grade levels. Education is a wide field, with different skills and abilities generally considered necessary for different age groups.

Programs in education are generally broken down in this regard, resulting in courses and classes that are specific to an age group.  Conversely, there are also a number of more generalized courses that allow for some flexibility in education practice. The ability for the educator to target their curriculum to a particular age or grade group is important, as most school districts have standards that must be met, and a demonstrable ability to meet those standards in necessary in order to pursue employment.

In the area of study of top degrees in education, we offer education and career pathways, as well as list of top schools which offer the following programs:

African-American Black Studies

African American & Black Studies College Degrees

Receive information from colleges that offer African-American and Black Studies degree tracks today. Our team has assembled a clustering of degree information from the most popular schools in the country along with career information, vocational insights, and the top graduate degrees in African-American and Black Studies to help you determine if this academic track is the best option for you.

Asian Studies

Asian Studies College Degree Programs

Receive information today from accredited colleges and universities that offer degree programs in Asian Studies and find your perfect match. In fact, you can quick gather information on an array of degrees in this field that include an associate's degree, bachelor's degree, master's degree, or doctorate degree from accredited universities. Request free admissions information from top rated colleges today.

Child Care

Child care lead-in

Individuals interested in studying child care may pursue a certificate or associate degree. Research information about schools near you in order to pursue your education and begin a career. Our child care training page is a helpful resource for finding a complete clustering of university and college listings from accredited schools, vocational insights, popular pedagogies in child care, career insights, and additional information to help you make a great decision to support your love for teaching young minds develop.

Computational and Applied Mathematics

Computational and Applied Math College Degrees

Do you know the type of classes you will need to take to earn a degree in applied math? To answer that question, we have assembled research on this specific degree in computational math and applied mathematics to help you understand the particulars of this degree track in an efficient manner. Earn a Computational and Applied Mathematics degree from a top college or university by getting matched here to the perfect school for you.

Curriculum and Instruction

Curriculum & Instruction College Degree Programs

Quickly locate a full list of curriculum and instruction programs that are available near you and around the country with our dedicated page. To explore accredited colleges further, simply refer to our dedicated resource. We provide in-depth research on bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, and doctorate degrees in curriculum and instruction to help recent graduates and experienced professionals alike work to get a foothold in this ever-evolving industry.

Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education lead-in

Find the latest information about starting a career in early childhood education by requesting information from any number of top rated colleges providing degree programs in ECE. Research schools across the nation that offer associate or bachelor's degree programs in early childhood education to move your career forward in this amazing field. Additional information can be obtained through our early childhood education degree page, including school listings and career descriptions.


Education lead-in

Want to pursue a career in education as a teacher or instructor? Start you journey today with MatchCollege. Our team of educational experts have detailed out the exact series of steps you will need to take to become a teacher in your township or municipality. Additionally, learn everything you need to know about online teaching degrees from top colleges by requesting admissions information from accredited schools today. See what programs are available at the bachelor's and master's degree levels locally and nationwide. An assortment of information is available to you through our education degree information page.

Educational Leadership and Administration

Educational leadership and administration lead-in

Do you know the most popular job titles for an education administrator? How about the top duties of a leader in education or the top paying states in the country for educational administrators? Find out more information about the best educational leadership and administration colleges and universities around the country that offer master's programs. Visit our educational leadership and administration programs page to view school listings and additional information.

Elementary Education

Elementary education lead-in

Are you seeking a rewarding, fulfilling career in elementary education? Find information about which schools offer bachelor's or master's degree programs in your area along with the exact four step process you will need to follow to start your career as an elementary school teacher with MatchCollege. School listings, as well as education and career information are available through our elementary education degree information page to learn about graduate and undergraduate programs offered by top rated universities today.


English as a Second Language College Degree

Receive a bevvy of information from accredited colleges offering English as a Second Language (ESL) by visiting our resource guide. Get a complete guide of how to become an ESL teacher along with the classes you will likely need to take to earn a graduate degree or undergraduate degree in this field. Gather admissions information along with national resources for ESL professionals with our portal today.

French Language and Literature

French Language and Literature College Degree Programs

Get information from accredited college programs offering French language and literature programs today by leveraging the expertise and insights from MatchCollege. Our team has continued to help millions of students each year find admissions information and degree insights on hundreds of degree pathways. Commit to using our expansive library to find the perfect college degree for you.

German Language and Literature

German Language & Literature College Degree Programs

Learn the German language and its rich history through important works of literature from top college programs. Get connected here and discover a list of the top ranked universities offering degrees in German Literature and German Language. We have assembled information on graduate and undergraduate programs to help you quickly sort through data you need to make a great decision about your academic future.

Higher Education Administration

Higher Education Administration College Degree Programs

Are you interested in working with a team to run an educational institution? With the myriad public and private school options across the country, you will have access to employment opportunities by leveraging your degree in higher education administration from a great college or university found with MatchCollege. Receive information from colleges and universities regarding a higher education administration degree program today. Finding the perfect school for you starts with the right information found only with MatchCollege.

Kindergarten and Preschool Education

Kindergarten & Preschool Education College Degree Programs

Follow your passion for teaching children during their formative years by earning a degree in Kindergarten & Preschool Education. Locate a complete list of accredited colleges and universities offering degrees and certificate programs in early childhood with our dedicated educational gateway. Commit to start your career today by collecting admissions information from the best schools in the United States that confer degrees in Kindergarten and Preschool Education.

Latin American Studies

Latin American Studies College Degree Programs

Do you have a passion for the culture and rich history of Latin America? Find colleges offering degree programs in Latin American Studies today by visiting our dedicated resource page to learn more. Classes you may end up taking range from globalization of the Latin American countries to the economics of specific countries along with the social and political changes that have taken place of time in each country.

Middle School Teacher

Middle School & Junior High College Degree Programs

Get information on middle school and junior high teaching degree programs on our resource page here and find your perfect college match today using our proprietary resources and career guides. Discover the undergraduate and graduate degree tracks available at top rated colleges near you or from around the country. Additionally, we have put together a list of classes you will likely need to take to earn a degree in middle school education along with the exact steps you will need to take to obtain your teaching certificate.

Montessori Teacher

Montessori Teacher College Degree Program

Earn your college degree in Montessori Teacher Education by connecting with the right college today. Kickstart your career in an exciting and rewarding teaching field and grow in your role to help better reach students in your class and in the school by learning more about the Montessori pedagogy and associated teaching methodologies from the top university programs available.

Physical Education

Physical education lead-in

Find the latest information about starting a career in physical education with the career insights and academic requirements associated with the physical education domain. Read about schools across the nation that offer associate or bachelor's degree programs. Interested in learning more? Visit our physical education degree page today.

Reading Teacher and Literacy Specialist

Reading Teacher & Literacy Specialist College Degree

Learn more about colleges offering reading teacher and literacy specialist degree tracks on our dedicated resource page. Discover the academic requirements needed to graduate with a degree as a literacy specialist along with access to the top college programs in the country offering degree tracks for reading teachers. Get connected today and begin your journey as a literacy specialist.

Science Teacher

Science Teacher Education College Degree Programs

Do you love science and have a passion for teaching? Did you know there are three primary bachelor degrees for students to consider when approaching a teaching degree in the field of science? With an array of undergraduate degrees and graduate degree options to consider, it's vital to research schools from a variety of angles to make the most of your latent talents and skills. Connect with accredited schools offering science teaching degrees for students in every state. Find the perfect teaching program for you given you unique goals and teaching aspirations.

Secondary Education

Secondary education lead-in

Are you the type of person that is interested in a career in secondary education? Find bachelor's or master's degree programs readily available near you. Interested in learning more? Visit our secondary education degree page today and learn everything you need to start your journey in this academic field. From the top paying states to the states that employ the most high school teachers, you will find the information you need to kickstart your career with MatchCollege.

Spanish Language and Literature

Spanish Language and Literature College Degree Programs

Did you know that Spanish is one of a handful of globally recognized languages of the United Nations? Want to learn more about earning a degree in Spanish language and literature? Get connected with accredited colleges and universities offering Spanish Language and Literature degree programs by visiting our dedicated page today to obtain admissions packages from top rated universities near you or from around the nation.

Special Education

Special education lead-in

Looking for a rewarding career in special education? Get more information about which schools offer bachelor's or master's degree programs in your area and around the country with MatchCollege today. Additional information can be obtained through our special education degree page, including a complete list of accredited universities, career insights, steps you need to follow to enter the special education field, and academic options to consider for your future.

Teacher Assistant (TA)

Teacher Assistant College Programs

Learn what it takes to become a teacher assistant by visiting our TA program page today here. Vital resources and accredited colleges and universities can all be found on our teacher assistant portal page today to obtain the information on admissions and academic thresholds for teacher assistants in an academic area of interest that means the most to you.