Law & Criminal Justice

Law and criminal justice refers to areas of study that focus primarily on criminal justice system and the parts that comprise it, including law enforcement, the legal system, and the corrections system. Individuals will choose the area of study that best suits their professional goals, and in turn will receive a base education in criminal behavior and law. More specific courses will be directed at the particular major, and may deviate greatly from one another. In all instances, individuals will be given a more complete picture of the functions of each part of the criminal justice system, and how they are designed to work together.

In the area of study of law & criminal justice, we offer education and career pathways, as well as list of top schools which offer the following programs:

Corrections Officer

Corrections Officer College Degree Programs

Your future as a Corrections Officer begins by finding the best college program for you. Start by visiting our resource page here to learn more about earning a degree in corrections. Our research team has gathered valuable information on the basics of corrections, details around the most popular degree types, educational requirements, skills of officers, top employers of corrections graduates, and an in-depth career outlook in the corrections domain. Quickly obtain free admissions information from top-ranked universities to help you make an informed decision about your career as a corrections officer.

Court Reporting

Court reporting lead-in

Are you searching for information about becoming a court reporter? Do you have an idea of how long it takes to become a court reporter? You have come to the right place to get information on certificate or associate degree programs in court reporting. For a full list of accredited colleges and admissions information, please visit our court reporting schools page and get connected today. An exciting future in court reporting is within reach for those willing to invest in themselves and learn the details around reporting in a courtroom.

Criminal Justice

Criminal justice lead-in

Are you interested in earning a degree in criminal justice? Do you know the most popular career tracks in criminal justice? Leverage our years of research to help find schools in your area offering associate's, bachelor's, and master's degree programs in criminal justice. Learn more about career paths, online learning opportunities, curricular requirements, employment opportunities, and school listings through our criminal justice degree profile page today. Begin your career in criminal justice by taking the steps necessary to learn more about degree programs from top colleges near you or from around the country.

Forensic Science

Forensic science lead-in

Are you interested in a career in forensic science? Locate key admissions data regarding bachelor's or master's degree programs near you or from around the nation with our search technology. A satisfying amount of information is readily available for you through our forensic science degree information page. For example, college-bound students will learn about educational requirements, popular career tracks, the five best paying careers in forensic science, professional associations, largest employers, and top paying states for forensic scientists.

Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, and Firefighting

Homeland Security College Degree Programs

Get your career moving the right direction by earning a degree in Homeland Security from top schools found with MatchCollege. Get informed about the job duties and responsibilities of homeland security officers, law enforcement professionals, and firefighters via our research page. You will learn about forecast job growth in DHS over the coming decade, employment trends, and professional resources in this academic track.


Law lead-in

Do you want to begin a challenging and rewarding career in law? Get more information regarding schools which offer J.D. programs across the nation with our dedicated degree and school portal. For listings and information please visit our law schools page today and learn about popular degree tracks, work environment, curriculum, top online law degrees, jobs you can get with a law degree, employment outlook, states that pay the most, and states that employ the largest number of law professionals.

Law and Justice Administration

Law and justice administration lead-in

Gather essential admissions information from the top law schools and justice administration colleges. Search and sort by degrees by state of residence, size, degree program, and degree length from all applicable universities in the nation. Complete college listings and career insights are available on our law and justice administration degree page. Additionally, you can find a complete listing of career opportunities in justice administration along with career insights and a list of the most popular employers in this arena.

Legal Administrative Assistant College Programs

Thinking about making an impact in a Legal Administrative Assistant role? Invest the time to connect with accredited colleges today via our dedicated resource page. College-bound students will learn the typical skills required of a legal administrative assistant, job duties, educational requirements, and a career outlook for interested students. With over four million people employed in an administrative assistant role, opportunities for employment and professional growth is highly probable.

Legal studies lead-in

Are you planning to get a degree in legal studies? Find which schools in the area offer students a degree in this field by leveraging our vast digital library. Individuals seeking additional information are asked to visit our legal studies degree details page and gather information from the complete list of accredited colleges and universities offering degrees in legal studies. You will learn the different types of legal degrees available from top ranked universities along with specialty tracks available to pursue while in school and beyond.


Paralegal lead-in

Do you know the steps needed to take to become a paralegal? Does the prospect of a paralegal career have you interested in pursuing an education in law? Get information about schools near you that offer certificate or associate degree programs with our exclusive higher education portal. Visit our paralegal programs page to view school listings and additional information today to find out which states pay paralegals the most and which state employ the most paralegals. Get connected today and find out how to make a difference in the legal community as a trained paralegal.