Social Sciences

The social sciences are areas of study that are concerned with the research and study of topics that are relevant to societies both past and present. Individuals in this field will receive a general education that provides a toolkit for analyses and understanding, as well as courses that prepare individuals for extensive writing.

Specialized courses are generally taken as part of a program curriculum, and are related to the major chosen, though some courses may be part of multiple programs. Based on the program chosen, individuals will occupy various positions upon completion, though most require skill in research and data analyses in order to successfully perform their duties.

Students interested in learning more, can research a variety of organizations and associations outside academia.  Examples include any number of the following entities:

  • American Economic Association (AEA):  In addition to providing professionals with top-tier publications and conferences, the AEA has a multitude of resources to offer.  AEA has assembled an array of books, blogs, links, and career information in the field of economics that may prove useful to students and professionals in the field.
  • Smithsonian Learning Lab (SLL): Learning Laboratory sponsored by the Smithsonian Institute helps students gain valuable insights into museum studies.  Founded in 1998, the museum studies website provides students with a wide-range of day to day, practical skills along with a formal fellowship track in museum studies and online lectures.
  • Academy for Gerontology in Higher Education (AGHE):  AGHE is a vast portal of education with free information and trending news in gerontology.  Students considering a career in the field need to plug into associations like the AGHE to keep on top of relevant changes and advances in the science of aging.
  • International Political Science Association (ISPA): ISPA is an international organization that strives to support the development of political science, link academic networks, build an inclusive political science network, while collaborating with scholars of all types.  Membership can be attained on an individual level, group level, or corporate level for qualifying members.
  • American Sociological Association (ASA): ASA members can explore a variety of sociology issues through the lens of technology, politics, education, culture, social change, economics, environment, health, and more.  Non-members can obtain up-t0-date news via the ASA blog along with upcoming events sponsored by the organization.
  • International Studies Association (ISA): ISA is committed to connecting scholars, students, and practitioners across the world.  The vast digital library helps to inform professionals of current news, events, and relevant trends in international relations.
  • American Anthropology Association (AAA): Committed to advancing knowledge and solving human problems, the AAA is a large organization and member of the World Council of Anthropological Associations.  AAA members can attend a variety of events, advocate for others, and learn about emerging trends in the field of anthropology.
  • American Psychological Association (APA):  The APA has created a dedicated page for students to research forensic psychology.  Disciplines that define forensic psychology include cognitive psychology coupled with the legal system.  Students interested in this ever-growing field, can plug into the APA to garner additional information about forensics.

In the area of study of social sciences, we offer education and career pathways, as well as list of top schools which offer the following programs:


Anthropology lead-in

A bachelor's or master's degree in anthropology can be your ticket to an exciting and satisfying career. Learn more about career paths and school listings through our anthropology degree profile page. Additionally, our anthropology portal can help you find a specific online degree program or graduate degree in the field of study from any number of top ranked university programs in the United States of America.


Archaeology lead-in

Want to begin a challenging and rewarding career in archaeology? Get information about schools which offer bachelor's or master's degree programs across the nation. Students looking for listings and additional information are encouraged to visit our archaeology programs page. Online or on-site degree programs are available from quality universities across the country to help you become an adept practitioner in this line of work.

Art History

Art history lead-in

Looking for a rewarding education and career in art history? Find which schools offer bachelor's or master's degree programs in your area and around the country. Interested in learning more? Visit our art history degree page today and get matched to the perfect college degree program for you with our exclusive search tools and proprietary matching technology.


Criminology lead-in

Want to pursue a career in criminology? See what programs are available at the bachelor's or master's degree level nationwide. Our criminology degree pages are an excellent resource for finding out more about schools and careers. An exciting career in criminology begins by investing in yourself and in your education. Our portal provides the bridge to link up with top universities from across the country in a single site, saving you time and resources in your college quest.


Economics lead-in

Do you want to have a career in economics? Find schools offering associate, bachelor's, or master's degree programs. School listings and information are available by clicking on our economics degree details page. Quickly get matched to colleges offering economics near you or from around the country with our exclusive search tools. Undergraduate programs and graduate programs can be sorted and filtered to meet your academic objectives in seconds with MatchCollege.

Ethnic and Cultural Minority Studies

Cultural Minority Studies College Degree Programs

Ethnic and Cultural Minority Studies programs can be found from colleges near you and from around the country here. Quickly gather admissions information from any number of the top university programs across the country as you begin your quest to find a great degree program. Since not all degree programs are constructed equally, save time by gathering information from accredited college programs today with your trusted partner MatchCollege.

Family Studies

Human Development & Family Studies College Degrees

Receive information from top college programs offering human development and family studies programs today. Link up with the best colleges offering graduate and undergraduate degrees in family studies with a quick search via MatchCollege. Our exclusive matching technology can help students quickly access top college programs from schools around the country or near you with ease. Begin your search for a great college offering human development courses today!

Forensic Psychology Specialist

Forensic Psychology Specialist College Degree Programs

A list of accredited colleges offering forensic psychology specialist programs can quickly be found on our dedicated degree page today. To learn more, simply visit the forensic psychology page for additional information or search for top ranked programs using our exclusive search tools. In either case, we have provided you with the tools to find the best forensic psychology degree program from top schools with leading-edge technology. Leverage technology to gather admissions information from schools across the country today with MatchCollege.


Geography lead-in

Success is just around the corner when getting an education in geography. Find out which schools in your state offer bachelor's or master's degree programs. Our geography degree pages are an excellent resource for finding out more about schools and careers. We help students of all ages and backgrounds gather critical information from schools across the nation with a simple search. Make your college quest more efficient with our tools and exclusive insights.


Gerontology College Degree Programs

Gerontology is the study of aging through an multifaceted lens of culture, social, cognition, psychology, economics, and biology. The gerontology field differs from geriatrics which specializes in disease treatment in older adults. Learn more at our gerontology page. Our dedicated portal has helped millions of students each year quickly connect with the best accredited college programs and gather vital admissions packets without the hassle of visiting each school individually.


History lead-in

Interested in an education and career in history? Find out more information regarding bachelor's, master's and doctorate degree programs near you. School listings, as well as education and career information are available through our history degree information page. History buffs can gather admissions information for graduate and undergraduate programs quickly and efficiently via our exclusive platform. As your trusted educational partner, we have taken the leg-work out of the process to make your college search even easier to start.

International and Global Studies

International & Global Studies College Degree Programs

Find out if a future in international and global studies is right for you by searching for college programs and college degrees here. As the world becomes more interconnected, the need for professionals that can bridge cultures via effectively communicating will only increase. Find out what a degree in global studies can do for your career today.

International Relations

International relations lead-in

Do you want to have a career in international relations? Find schools nationwide that offer bachelor's or master's degree programs. Our international relations degree pages are an excellent resource for finding out more about schools and careers. A specially crafted portal will help you find applicable degree programs from top ranked universities quickly and efficiently.

Museum Studies

Museum studies lead-in

A bachelor's or master's degree in museum studies can be your ticket to a satisfying career in this field of study. Visit our museum studies programs page to view school listings and additional information about the degree pathways and career opportunities that exist for graduates. By quickly sorting schools, you can locate schools and degree programs that fit your professional goals and aspirations in seconds.

Political Science

Political science lead-in

Students interested in political science may begin their career through the completion of a bachelor's or master's degree program. Information, listings and more can be found through our political science degree page or by searching via our dedicated search portal. Find the best online degree in political science with a few clicks and gather vital admissions packets from top ranked university programs with ease. Begin your college search today with MatchCollege and find the best political science degree program for you.

Rhetoric and Composition

Rhetoric & Composition College Degree Programs

Collect admissions information on a rhetoric and composition degree programs from top ranked accredited colleges here. Our dedicated search portal will help high school graduates and graduate students quickly access admissions data to help you find the best program for you via our dedicated platform. Trusted by millions of students each year, MatchCollege provides leading-edge technology to help you get matched and advance your vocational goals.

Social Science

Social Science College Degree Programs

Connect with colleges and universities offering degree programs in social science today with a single search. Our proprietary search tools and information on thousands of accredited colleges are designed to help make your college decisions more effective. Begin your journey of a thousand steps with a single decision to connect with top ranked university programs in social science today. Locate top ranked online social science programs and on-site degrees with our tools and resources only found with MatchCollege.


Sociology lead-in

Find out more about sociology and see what bachelor's or master's degree programs are available at schools locally and statewide. Visit our sociology programs page to view school listings and additional information. Quickly sort, filter, and winnow down the list of accredited college programs in sociology with our exclusive technology. Degree programs for graduate-level programs and undergraduate degrees can quickly be garnered using our vast digital library.