Business & Finance

Business and finance refers to programs provided by institutions that prepare individuals for careers in the business world, typically as managers of personnel, money or both people and finances.  Education in these areas generally include managerial techniques, understanding budgets, regulations and laws, and standard business practices.

Individuals pursuing education in financial fields will take on math courses as well as courses related to the tracking and regulations regarding money. Programs in this field generally see a large amount of crossover both in study and in employment, resulting in overlap in general education and knowledge in order to be an effective at one’s work.

In the area of study of business & finance, we offer education and career pathways, as well as list of top schools which offer the following programs:


Accounting lead-in

Find out more information about the best accounting programs offered at the best colleges and universities in your area and around the country that offer degree programs at a variety of levels. From online bachelor degrees in accounting to on-site, traditional classes at the graduate level, you will gain access to information and schools that can help you reach your professional objectives. Learn more about career paths, popular job duties, top states employing accountants, states that pay accountants the most money, and school listings through our accounting degree profile page today to get started.

Accounting Technology

Accounting Technology College Degree Programs

Get information on accounting technology and accountant technician degree programs by visiting our dedicated educational page today. Gather admissions information from top rated colleges to earn an online degree in accounting technology or associate degrees on-site from the best colleges and trade schools in your area. With millions of students using MatchCollege every year, we make it easy to find the information you need to make a quality decision about your future.

Actuarial Science

Actuarial Science College Degree Programs

Do you know what actuaries do for work or the typical job responsibilities of an actuarial professional? Discover colleges offering degrees in Actuarial Science by visiting our resource page today and learn everything you will need to know about a career as an actuary with our dedicated resource page.

Advertising and Marketing

Advertising and marketing lead-in

Do you know the difference between marketing and advertising? Are you interested in becoming a specialist or generalist in the vast field of marketing and advertising? Find out more about advertising and marketing and see what bachelor's or master's degree programs are available at schools near you with our dedicated educational service. Commit to start by researching our advertising and marketing degree page to kick-off your robust career in any number of industries utilizing the core knowledge and skills of trade-specific marketers and advertising technicians.

Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering

Aerospace College Degree Programs

Find the perfect college offering Aerospace for you and your priorities by starting with MatchCollege. Our trade-specific degree programs and career insights will help new and experienced aerospace professionals take their career to the next level by leveraging information and education.

Apparel and Textiles Management

Apparel and Textile Management College Degrees

Locate accredited colleges offering Apparel and Textiles Management programs today with MatchCollege. Find the perfect match for you today with intensive research and exclusive research tools. From online certificate programs from accredited colleges to graduate degree tracks from top ranked universities, you will find a full list of schools with our dedicated page. Additionally, you will learn about the vocation of textile managers and top national resources for industry professionals.

Banking and Financial Services

Banking & Financial Support Services College Degrees

Are you passionate about learning the ins and outs of the finance industry and banking regulations that govern banks from coast to coast? Collect information from top accredited colleges offering Banking and Financial Support Services today and learn about the certificate programs and upper-level classes you will need to take to earn a graduate degree in banking with MatchCollege. Top business schools can be found by enrollment, ratio, rankings, and geography to help you find your perfect college match today in a single search.


Bookkeeping lead-in

An associate's or bachelor's degree in bookkeeping can be your ticket to a satisfying career. Our bookkeeping courses page is an excellent resource for finding school listings and additional information about this core finance industry. Our team has assembled a list of the five most popular jobs for bookkeepers along with the various certifications you may want to consider as a bookkeeper in your industry of choice.

Business Administration

Business administration lead-in

Want to study business administration? Are you looking to gather admissions information from schools near you that offer a BBA or MBA degrees? Please visit our business administration degree page today to find school listings, education information, a full list of graduate degrees & undergraduate degree pathways, and career insights for business professionals. Our team has put together granular research in business to help provide you with a solid basis of the business landscape prior to making a decision about your academic future.

Commercial Airline Pilot

Commercial Airline Pilot College Degrees

Eager to become a professional pilot? Start by connecting with colleges offering a degree program for a Commercial Airline Pilot. Find out how to become a commercial airline pilot and flight crew member by visiting our resource page today.

Commercial and Advertising Art

Commercial and Advertising Art College Degree Programs

Receive information from accredited schools offering Commercial and Advertising Art programs today. Search hundreds of top schools and get easy access to information about schools, degrees, and associated art programs.

Design and Visual Communications

Design and Visual Communications College Degrees

Use your creativity to get a jump start on your career with a Design and Visual Communications degree. Colleges specializing in Design can be found here . College-bound students can also research the education requirements of a visual communications manager, an array of undergraduate degree programs, a career outlook in this industry, and a list of the best trade associations for design and visual communications majors in a single portal.


Ecommerce College Programs

Do you know the difference between B2B and B2C and C2C? Basically, these acronyms help industry professionals understand their business enterprise in relation to their target customer base. Link up with colleges offering Ecommerce and Electronic Commerce programs by starting here with MatchCollege on your path to become a professional in the field by investing in your education. Locate a full list of accredited schools by using our exclusive matching services and find a degree in ecommerce that fits you perfectly.


Entrepreneurship College Degree Programs

Earn a college degree in entrepreneurship and follow your dreams to make an indelible impact in the business world. Learn essential business and professional skills with top ranked schools from around the country to get your future pointed in the right direction. Learn more today!

Executive Assistant

Executive Assistant College Programs

Find a list of Executive Assistant programs from colleges near you to help you create the life you want as a trained executive assistant in a variety of industries. Our dedicated portal will help new and experience professionals find the degree or certificate program that works best along with an easy method to connect with accredited colleges in single search platform.


Finance lead-in

Start your career in finance today! Learn the difference between corporate finance managers and derivative specialists with our dedicated finance portal. Additionally, quickly see what schools in your area offer bachelor's or master's degree programs and information about each school. Looking for more information? Look no further than our finance degree page and gather admissions packets from any number of top rated colleges today.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning College Degrees

Learn how to become financially equipped to help others by earning a college degree in Financial Planning by visiting our resources guide. The financial industry continues to outpace the growth in other sectors with an increased need for qualified professionals in the finance sector.

Funeral Service and Mortuary Science

Funeral Service and Mortuary Science College Programs

Connect with accredited colleges offering degree tracks in Funeral Service and Mortuary Science here. A detailed look into the funeral industry, educational requirements, industry outlook, career growth, and industry resources can all be found by researching more with MatchCollege.

Industrial Electronics Technology

Industrial Electronics Technology College Degree Programs

Find the perfect Industrial Electronics Technology program for you by connecting with the right school. In addition, get industry-specific information on the three primary tracks students can pursue that include electronics, avionics, and biomedical equipment for graduates in this arena. A career outlook will help students determine the trajectory of the industry and prospective job opportunities for college graduates.

Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering College Degree Programs

Do you know what role an industrial engineer plays in business and industry? The crux of their role is to maximize resources and reduce waste in a process or work flow. Industrial engineering work in a variety of industries and the demand for quality engineers will only increase as competitors locally and internationally evolve. Find the perfect Industrial Engineering college degree program for you by starting your journey with MatchCollege.

Industrial Mechanics

Industrial Mechanics and Maintenance Technology College Degree Programs

Finding the perfect college program for you in Industrial Mechanics and Maintenance Technology starts here with the world's leading source for online college education information.

Industrial Technology

Industrial Technology College Degree Programs

Learn more about Industrial Technology today by visiting our college degree page here. By blending the best of engineering with the best of manufacturing, an industrial technology specialist will work hand-in-hand with production managers and logistics professionals to reduce wasteful processes and increase throughput. Learn more about the accredited universities that offer industrial technology degrees today.


Insurance College Degree Programs

Learn more about earning a degree in an insurance specialty by spending time on our resource page today. Getting matched to the perfect degree program for you has never been easier! We have provided granular information on the myriad types of insurance products, educational requirements, vocational outlook, industry resources, and a list of the most popular career for insurance professionals on our dedicated portal.

International Business

International business lead-in

Planning to get a degree in international business? Find out which schools in the area offer students bachelor's or IMBA degree programs in this field. Want to learn more? Visit our international business degree page today.

Investments and Securities

Investments and Securities College Degree Program

Receive information from top colleges offering programs in Investments and Securities today here. Top ranked colleges and universities are all listed with MatchCollege to help you find the perfect school for you and launch your career in finance.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Logistics and supply chain management lead-in

Pursuing an education in logistics and supply chain management? Learn about schools in your area and prepare for a bachelor's or master's degree program. Our logistics and supply chain management degree pages are an excellent resource for finding out more about schools and careers.

Management Science

Management Science College Degrees

Degrees in Management Science are just a click away to find the perfect school for you. Tools, tips, degree programs and resources are just a simple click away to find the best degree for you.

Manufacturing Engineering Technician

Manufacturing Engineering Technician College Degree Programs

Earning a college degree in Manufacturing Engineering starts by finding the right college program for you. Millions of student rely upon the detailed research and proprietary search tools found with MatchCollege to gather admissions information from top ranked colleges across the country. Join the throngs of college-bound students seeking information on accredited schools with our exclusive services and industry insights.


Digital Communications & Multimedia College Degree Programs

Find the perfect school for you in Digital Communication and Multimedia today by visiting our dedicated degree page. Learn more today by visiting our multimedia resource page to find a list of top ranked schools.

Non-Profit Management

Non-Profit Management College Degree Programs

Follow your passion by investing your time into a Non-Profit Management degree program from a top rated university or college. Locate schools near you with the search platform we have created to help support new and experienced students earn a degree in non-profit management. A detailed look at the non-profit industry is blended with degree programs and curricular requirements for graduate students and undergraduate students alike.

Nuclear Engineering

Nuclear Engineering Technician College Degrees

Locate the best college degree in Nuclear Engineering today by visiting our degree page and connect with top rated college programs near you or from around the country in this industry. Learn more about the various degree programs available, skills required, education thresholds, career insights, and pathways to become a nuclear engineer in today's competitive workplace. In addition, we have compiled information on the various online degree options in nuclear engineering that may prove to be useful to working students and professionals in the workforce.

Office Management and Supervision

Office Management & Supervision College Degree Programs

Learn how a college degree in Office Management and Supervision can impact your career trajectory by starting here. Our research staff has assembled critical information on how to move towards a career as an office manager and the steps needed to take to work towards such a position in business. Kickstart your career as a manager or supervisor by investing in your education and develop the skills to help others reach their professionals goals.

Operations Management

Operations management lead-in

Want to pursue a career in operations management? See what programs are available at the bachelor's and master's degree levels nationwide. Additional information can be obtained through our operations management degree page, including school listings and career descriptions.

Organizational and Nonprofit Management

Organizational and nonprofit management lead-in

Pursuing an education in organizational and nonprofit management? Learn about schools in your area that off a bachelor's or master's degree program. School listings and career information is available on our organizational and nonprofit management degree page.

Organizational Leadership

Organizational Leadership College Degree Programs

Are you interested in learning more about a future in Organizational Leadership? Start your journey by visiting our college degree page today to find the perfect college for you by leveraging our proprietary matching tools.

Project Management

Project Management College Degree Programs

Learn how to improve your project management skills by earning a college degree Project Management. Start with MatchCollege to get the best college degree information for your career in project management.

Property Management

Property management lead-in

Pursuing an education in property management? Find schools in your area and prepare to enter an associate's or bachelor's degree program. Our property management courses page is an excellent resource for finding school listings and additional information.

Purchasing and Procurement

Purchasing, Procurement, and Contracts Management Degrees

Learn more about the undergraduate degree programs and the graduate degrees in Purchasing, Procurement, and Contracts Management from colleges near you with our educational gateway. Our goal is to help you find the best college degree for you and educate you on the specific steps you will need to take to become a procurement specialist and get your career moving in a positive direction through education.

Real Estate

Real estate lead-in

Embark on a career in real estate! Earn a certificate or associate degree at one of the top schools in the country. Students in need of more information may find school listings and career information on our real estate classes page.

Restaurant and Food Services Management

Restaurant and Food Services College Programs

Are you the type of person that loves to prepare food for others? Does the idea of managing people and multitasking in a fast-paced industry appeal to you? If so, consider earning a degree in Restaurant and Food Services Management from an accredited college found with our search tools. You supply the passion and we provide the opportunity to connect to schools that make the most sense for you.

Retail Management

Retail Management College Degree Programs

Discover colleges offering Retail Management degree tracks by visiting our dedicated page here to search for the best college degree program for you. Whether online or onsite, we have a list of all accredited college programs in retail management to fit your career objectives.

Risk Management and Insurance

Risk management and insurance lead-in

Individuals interested in studying risk management and insurance may pursue a bachelor's or master's degree. Discover information about schools near you in order to begin your education and pursue a career. Additional information can be found through the link to our risk management and insurance training page.

Sales Manager

Sales Manager College Programs

Reach out to accredited colleges offering Sales Manager programs today by visiting our dedicated page. Find out how sales managers continue to outpace other management occupations in terms of income year over year.

Small Business Management

Small Business Management College Degrees

Locate Small Business Management programs near you by researching schools today and find a full list of accredited colleges and universities & decide which is best for you with our proprietary search tools

Solar Energy Technology

Solar Energy College Technology Degree Programs

Go green by investing in your education in Solar Energy Technology by visiting our dedicated page today and learn everything you need to know about solar energy technology. Get resources for a sustainable career in solar tech today only with MatchCollege.

Sports Management

Sports management lead-in

Individuals who wish to study sports management can get a start on their career by pursuing a bachelor's or master's degree. Research information about schools near you in order to begin your education. Learn more about career paths and school listings through our sports management degree profile page.

Sports Management and Fitness Administration

Sports Management & Fitness Administration College Degree Programs

Your career in sports management and fitness administration begins by finding the perfect college for you from our compilation of quality schools. Start your search here and gather admissions packets from universities near you or from around the nation in an effort to matriculate in the best school for you.


Taxation College Degree Programs

Get connected to top college programs near you that offer degree programs in Taxation. A complete list of accredited colleges and universities are just a click away. Get admissions information and get your career launched with a degree in taxation.