Arts & Design

Art and design refers to the areas of education responsible for the training and development of artists in order to be able to provide professional level of work upon completion. The areas of study vary in terms of scope and purpose, though most programs share courses related to art theory and methodology.

Modern education in these areas also include extensive study in computer programs that assist and facilitate in design and production. Art and design programs require students to constantly practice learned techniques in order to refine and hone those skills prior to entry into the workforce.

In the area of study of arts & design, we offer education and career pathways, as well as list of top schools which offer the following programs:


Animation lead-in

Embark on a career in animation by investing in your education! Earn an associate, bachelor's, or master's degree at one of the top schools in the country to kickstart your career in animation. Look through our animation schools page to find information on degrees, admissions, coursework, and campus life to help you begin your education. Gather the information you need from the most trusted site in the country for college and university information.

Ceramic Arts

Ceramic Arts & Ceramics College Degree Programs

Are you thinking about earning a undergraduate degree or graduate certificate in ceramics from a top rated university? Receive information from top ceramic arts programs today by visiting our dedicated college degree page. Learn more today by researching top colleges to find your perfect college match.

Cinematography And Film

Cinematography and film lead-in

A bachelor's or master's degree in cinematography and film can lead to an exciting and satisfying career. Our cinematography and film schools page provides listings and information to help you find what you need to begin your education in cinematography. Understand why you should consider attending film school and the many degree options available to qualified students from top rated colleges in the United States.


Dance lead-in

Get started on your career in dance by learning about the history and composition of dance! Additionally, find out the many career options you can select after earning a career in dance that span from kinesiology to dance notation. Check out our list of schools that offer the best bachelor's degree programs near you. Visit our dance programs page to view school listings and additional information on educational thresholds for students seeking a formal education in dance.

Drama and Theatre Arts

Drama and Theatre Arts College Degree Programs

Passionate about drama and theatre arts? Find the perfect program for you from colleges found on our degree page. Our dedicated resource page is sure to help to discover new degree programs and motivate you to apply your passion for the arts in productive ways.

Fashion Design

Fashion design lead-in

Are you curious to learn more about the fashion design industry by learning from top ranked universities? If so, success may be closer than you image with a college degree in fashion design. Our trusted portal provides ready-access to students eager to earn a reputable degree from exceptional colleges. Degree pathways range from a Master of Fine Arts to an Associate's of Applied Science from a top college. Locate a list of colleges in your state offer associate or bachelor's degree programs for future fashion designers with our exclusive search tools. For school profiles, degree programs, financial aid trends, and additional data, please visit our fashion design schools page and start your degree research today.

Fashion Merchandising

Fashion merchandising lead-in

Looking for schools near you that offer associate or bachelor's degree in fashion merchandising? Information in the form of school listings, education description and career advice is available through our our fashion merchandising schools page to help you find the perfect college for you. Additionally, we have assembled a list of the most popular fashion merchandise associations and organizations to help you integrate into this industry and make a splash in merchandising.

Fine Arts and Studio Arts

Fine Arts & Studio Art College Degree Programs

Do you love art? Allow this passion to fuel a career and visit our fine arts & studio arts college degree page. Get matched with the best studio arts and fine arts school in the country by using our search portal today.

Graphic Design

Graphic design lead-in

Are you looking for a rewarding future in graphic design? Get the formal education you need to succeed in this competitive field with graduate and undergraduate programs from accredited higher education institutions near you. Utilize MatchCollege to learn which schools offer associate's degrees or bachelor's degree programs in your area today. Our search tools give you ready-access to hundreds of quality degree programs in graphic design offered by accredited colleges of all sizes. For students in need of more information on educational pathways and career insights, please refer to our graphic design schools page.


Illustration lead-in

Do you know the difference between a graphic designer and an illustrator? Learn the difference today and collect admissions information from top schools to help jumpstart your career as an illustrator. Success is just around the corner when pursuing an education in illustration when your passion blends with quality academic programs. Find out which schools in your state offer associate or bachelor's degree programs. Our illustration degree pages are an excellent resource for finding out more about schools and careers.

Industrial Design

Industrial design lead-in

Prepare yourself for an education in industrial design by getting information about schools in your state that offer bachelor's or master's degree programs. Additional education and career information is accessible through our industrial design school page.

Interior Design

Interior design lead-in

Rewarding careers in interior design can be pursued by completing a bachelor's or master's degree from the best college or university throughout the country offering accredited degree programs. For listings and information please visit our interior design schools page and learn the difference between the quality college programs available to undergraduate and graduate students.

Jewelry Design

Jewelry design lead-in

Looking to begin a career in jewelry design? Get information about which schools offer degree programs in your area and around the country. Students in need of more data may find school listings and career information on our jewelry design classes page.


Music lead-in

Are you intrigued by the possibility of mastering music and music composition to make a career of your interests? Quickly locate colleges and universities that provide degree pathways in music today. Learn the careers available in the music industry along with classes you will typically need to take such as film scoring and jazz composition to music therapy and piano. Find more insights and resources in music education from top ranked schools near you today with our expansive resources. Access detailed information through our music degree page and discover the world of music taught by top-tier professors.

Music Management

Music management lead-in

Find out more about music management and see what bachelor's or master's degree programs are available at schools near you. Interested in learning more? Visit our music management degree page today.

Music Theory and Composition

Music Theory & Composition College Degree Programs

Get information on music theory and composition degree programs from colleges near you and from around the country with our exclusive search technology. Quickly gather quality information on the rudiments of music along with the most popular composition pathways such as pure theory, pedagogy, performance, and composition. You will also learn substantive information about the various graduate degree options and undergraduate degrees available to qualified students in this arena of study.


Photography lead-in

Are you thinking about pursuing a formal education in photography? Learn more about accredited schools in your area and begin an associate or bachelor's degree program today. Additional information can be obtained through our photography degree page, including a full list of colleges, industry resources, degree pathways, income expectations, and career descriptions.

Playwriting and Screenwriting

Playwriting & Screenwriting College Degrees

Your college degree in Playwriting and Screenwriting starts by receiving information from top college programs today found with MatchCollege. Our proprietary search platform and award-winning research continues to attract millions of students every year. Get the information you need from top ranked universities offering formal degree programs in screenwriting and playwriting today.

Recording Arts Technology

Recording Arts Technology College Degree Program

Locate the best college for you in recording arts technology by visiting our degree page today. Detailed information on colleges, degree options, career insights, educational thresholds, and much more can be found by researching our recording arts portal today. Connect with top ranked universities today and find out if a degree in recording arts technology makes sense for you and your career.


Sculpture College Degree Program

Do you love to create works of art with your hands? Consider researching college degree programs in Sculpture here and discover the top ranked colleges in the nation with a single click today.

Theatre Design and Technology

Theatre Design & Technology College Degree Programs

Top Theatre Design schools can be found on our dedicated college degree page here only with MatchCollege. Our dedicated portal includes a full list of accredited schools, degree programs, and career resources in theatre design.

Voice and Opera

Voice and Opera College Degree Programs

Follow your passion for performance with a college degree in Voice and Opera by visiting our degree page today. Get the most out of your passion for opera and singing by investing in your college education today.

Web Design

Web design lead-in

Interested in an education in web design? Find schools in your area that offer a certificate, associate, or bachelor's degree program. Additionally, our web design courses profile page is an excellent resource for finding colleges that offer web design.