Architecture & Engineering

Architecture and engineering refers to the areas of study that incorporate design principles and methodology in order to complete project objectives. Individuals studying in these areas must have strong science and math backgrounds, and will be provided engineering foundation in order to accurately and effectively complete goals. Deviation in study occurs based on the type of program pursued, with specialized programs providing additional education and information relevant to the major. Programs also emphasize the use of computer software to realize designs prior to their construction, and as such most programs will have computer courses within their curriculum.

In the area of study of architecture & engineering, we offer education and career pathways, as well as list of top schools which offer the following programs:

Architectural Engineering

Architectural Engineering College Degrees

Your future in Architectural Engineering starts with knowing your college options from the most trusted source on the web. Begin your search today with MatchCollege here and get matched to top-rated universities with confidence. Find schools near you, online degree options, career tools, educational expectations, and much more with our dedicated education gateway.


Architecture lead-in

Do you know the exact steps you need to take in order to become an architect? Properly prepare yourself for an education in architecture by leveraging our research and expertise today. Get information about schools in your state that offer B.Arch or M.Arch degree programs. Additional information can be obtained through our architecture degree page, including school listings and career insights to help you make a great decision about your future in architecture.

Automotive Engineering

Automotive engineering lead-in

Interested in automotive engineering? Understand how long it takes to earn a degree in automotive engineering and the myriad degree options available by utilizing our trustworthy educational library today. Easily find bachelor's and master's degree programs available near you to begin your education in this rapidly evolving field. For listings and information please visit our automotive engineering schools page today and start your journey in automotive engineering.

Automotive Engineering Technology

Automotive Engineering Technology College Degrees

Stay on the leading ege of automotive trends by earning a degree in Automotive Engineering Technology found with MatchCollege. Gather valuable information about the steps needed to earn your degree, college expectations, industry insights, automotive resources, and access to admissions information from the top ranked colleges in this space. Start your journey today by committing to learn more about the technology that drives automotive changes and enhancements.

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineering lead-in

Rewarding careers in biomedical engineering can be pursued by completing a bachelor's, master's, or doctorate degree program at colleges and universities throughout the country. Find out the difference between an ME and BME & which pathway makes the most sense for you and your career in biomedical engineering. Individuals seeking additional information are asked to visit our biomedical engineering degree details page to connect to top rated colleges in the field.

Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering lead-in

Find out more about the various sciences that comprise the discipline of chemical engineering with our dedicated page. Additionally, you can see what bachelor's or master's degree programs are available at schools near you with our award-winning technology platform to get matched to colleges and universities that fit you best. An assortment of information is available to you through our chemical engineering degree information page.

Civil Engineering

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Looking for schools near you that offer a civil engineering bachelor's or master's degree? Additional information can be obtained through our civil engineering degree page, including school listings and career descriptions for students on a path to step into a civil engineering vocation in the public or private sector. Understand the steps you need to take to earn a degree and the top rated colleges that offer engineering degree programs to help you reach your vocational potential.

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

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Do you want to pursue a career in computer aided design (CAD)? Learn what goes into computer-aided design, the difference between computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing & the tools needed to master both methodologies. See what programs are available at the associate or bachelor's degree level near you. Our computer aided design (CAD) training page is a helpful resource for finding school listings and additional information.

Construction Management

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Are you seeking additional information about construction management? You have come to the right place to get information on bachelor's or master's degree programs from the complete list of accredited universities that offer degrees and certificate programs in construction management. School listings, along with education and career information, are available through our construction management degree information page today, on-demand in an effort to help you reach your career goals through education.

Drafting and Design Technology

Drafting and Design Technology College Degree Programs

A career in drafting and design technology is within reach when you find the right college degree program found on our dedicated page. Invest the time to learn more about the steps you need to take to earn a degree in drafting & design technology and the many accredited university programs that can help get you there. Our search technology allows students to rapidly gather valuable information and request admissions information from top rated colleges in minutes.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering lead-in

Are you the type of person that is focused on pursuing an electrical engineering education? Learn the difference between an electric engineer and an electronics engineer, degree pathways in this discipline of engineering, accredited schools in your area, and how to best prepare for a bachelor's or master's degree program. Learn more about career paths and school listings through our electrical engineering degree profile page today to start your journey.

Energy Management

Energy Management College Degree Programs

Learn more about college programs in Energy Management and Systems Technology today on our resource page. Top ranked schools from around the country or near you can quickly be found by searching for the best school for you. Collect admissions information from top rated universities along with details about energy management such as career insights, vocational trends, industry forecasts, and the steps you need to follow to earn your degree in this field. Get the data you need to succeed in energy management and systems technology today.


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Individuals interested in studying engineering may pursue a number of different degree pathways and professional certifications to help reach their goals and vocational objectives in this exciting field. Discover top-ranked, accredited colleges near you in order to begin your education and pursue a career in any number of engineering jobs. For individuals in need of more information, please refer to our engineering schools page to fully understand the myriad career pathways and vast combination of engineering degrees available to qualified students.

Engineering Management

Engineering management lead-in

Are you thinking of a career in engineering management? Discover the five most popular specialties within engineering management, the degrees that support each specialization, and educational requirements of each track. Quickly find nearby schools that offer bachelor's or master's degree programs to begin your studies as an engineering manager with our award-winning service. School listings and career information is available on our engineering management degree page.

Manufacturing Engineer

Manufacturing Engineer College Degree Programs

Learn how to become a Manufacturing Engineer by connecting with top colleges listed on our resource page and dedicated portal today. Exclusive resources, insights, data, and more can be found only with MatchCollege. Your preferred destination for college information also helps students and working professionals find the right degree pathway to save you time, money, and resources. Leverage our expertise to jumpstart your career as a manufacturing engineer professional.

Materials Engineering

Materials Engineering College Degree Programs

Find the perfect college degree program in Materials Engineering today by visiting our degree page and get connected to top ranked college programs near you or from around the country. Learn more about the various degree programs available, education requirements, skills, career insights, and pathways to become a materials engineer in today's hyper-competitive workplace. Online degrees in materials engineering may be the ideal path to help you reach your goals while working at your current job.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering lead-in

Individuals choosing to study mechanical engineering may pursue a bachelor's or master's degree from any number of top ranked colleges found with MatchCollege. Discover information about schools near you in order to begin your education and pursue a career in this expansive field of engineering. Key school information is available via our mechanical engineering degree page which includes myriad school listings, accredited degree offerings, national associations, mechanical career salaries, and popular career descriptions.

Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum engineering lead-in

Start your career in petroleum engineering today by connecting with the right schools for you! See what schools in your area offer bachelor's or master's degree programs. You may access more detailed information through our petroleum engineering degree page. Additionally, you will find out why a degree in petroleum engineering can lead to challenging and rewarding jobs in a variety of private and public organizations from around the globe.

Structural Engineering

Structural engineering lead-in

Quickly find out more information about the best structural engineering bachelor's or master's degree programs and the colleges and universities that offer valuable degrees in this vital area of study. Students may find listings and career information through our structural engineering degree page today. Our expert team has assembled the best information about colleges and career information to help you gather data you need to make a great decision for your future in structural engineering.

Survey Technology

Surveying Technology College Degree Programs

Link up with accredited colleges offering programs in Surveying Technology today by visiting our degree page here to connect with top ranked schools near you or from around the country. Learn more about the five most vital skills of a survey technologist and the career outlook for individuals that invest in their education. We have also provided degree options and career insights that will help new students understand how to deftly navigate this industry.

Systems Engineering

Systems engineering lead-in

Do you know what systems engineering is and what is entailed in this job? Find out the exact steps you need to follow to become a systems engineering. Additionally, we have detailed out a list of bachelor's or master's degree in systems engineering in an easy to read format to help lift you into an exciting and satisfying career. Students may find listings and career information through our systems engineering degree page.

Urban Planning

Urban planning lead-in

Find up to date information about initiating a career as an urban planner along with key steps to become an urban planner, degree options and online learning tools to help you earn a degree on your terms. Deeply explore college programs across the country offering degree programs like a bachelor's or master's to qualifying students. Returning students and new students seeking additional data are asked to visit our urban planning degree details page today to obtain free admissions information from the best universities for you.