Beauty & Hospitality Services

Beauty and hospitality services refers to the areas of study responsible for preparing individuals for entry into the workforce as beauticians, cosmetologists, chefs, hotel managers and more. Individuals studying within one of these fields will receive an education specific to the skills needed, as well as a more general education in customer relations and business techniques associated with building a steady clientele.

Beauty and hospitality workers share much in terms of education, and may also experience crossover professionally in certain instances, including the sharing of certain skills or a convergence of multiple areas in a given location, such as a spa or hotel.

In the area of study of beauty & hospitality services, we offer education and career pathways, as well as list of top schools which offer the following programs:

Baking And Pastry

Baking and pastry lead-in

Embark on a career in baking and pastry by earning a formal degree in the field! Earn an undergraduate certificate, associate's degree, or bachelor's from top colleges found through our trustworthy portal in pastry and baking. Students seeking additional data will find a full list of accredited colleges and schools in addition to detailed career information on our baking and pastry classes page today. As an added bonus, our team has put together a detailed view of what is expected to earn a baking degree online and hybrid degrees in pastry to help you earn a degree with more flexible terms than a traditional degree program.


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Find out more information about the best cosmetology colleges and schools in your area and around the country that offer certificate, associate, or degree programs in this exciting field. Look through our cosmetology schools page to find information to help you begin your education and connect with the top rated cosmetology programs near you or from around the country with a single request. Our award-winning educational portal helps millions of students every year connect with accredited schools to maximize your time while increasing confidence in your educational choices.

Culinary Arts

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Get started on your career in culinary arts with the targeted information found with our trustworthy and reliable website! Check out our list of schools that offer the best certificate, associate, or bachelor's degree programs in culinary arts. For additional information please visit our culinary arts schools page today to find out more about the educational requirements in the culinary arts and array of jobs that exist in this industry.


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Start your career as an esthetician today by gathering vital admissions information from the best colleges near you or from around the United States! Quickly see what schools in your state offer certificate or associate degree programs for estheticians with our robust search technology platform. For individuals in need of more information, please refer to our esthetician schools page today and get started in this exciting, rewarding arena.

Hotel and Hospitality Management

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Find the latest information on starting a career in hotel and hospitality management with MatchCollege. Explore schools across the nation that offer bachelor's and master's degree programs plus your options to earn an online degree in hospitality management today. Additional information can be obtained through our hotel and hospitality management degree page, including university listings, job growth, national resources in hotel management, and career descriptions to help point you in the right direction.

Makeup Artist

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Interested in becoming a makeup artist? A rewarding career in this vast industry can be yours by completing a certificate or associate degree program at one of the many accredited higher education institutions available nationwide found with MatchCollege. Our makeup artist schools page is an excellent resource to find listings and information to help you begin your search as a makeup artist. Locate online degrees for makeup artists along with the most popular jobs in this vocational track with a simple search.

Mortuary Science

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Are you interested in seeking a career in mortuary science? Locate the accredited programs are available from top universities. Degee paths may be found at the master's degree level to associate's degrees from regional and nationally accredited colleges. Locate small and large colleges nationwide today with our proprietary search tools and resources. Detailed education and career data is accessible through our mortuary science school page plus bonus material on job titles, curricular requirements, and accredited schools near you offering degree programs in mortuary science.

Nail Technician

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Planning to get a degree as a nail technician and kickstart your career in this industry? Find out which schools in your area offer students a certificate or associate degree in this field along with the classes you can expect to take on your journey to earning a degree or certificate. Look through our nail technician schools page to find more helpful information so you may begin your education today.

Restaurant and Catering Management

Restaurant and Catering Management College Programs

Get connected to accredited schools offering degree tracks for Restaurant and Catering Management today from top colleges near you and from around the country. A full array of accredited colleges can be found in addition to a list of the most popular jobs in catering and restaurant management plus an in-depth analysis of the job duties you can expect to tackle as a professional in this arena.

Tourism and Travel Services Management

Tourism and Travel Management College Degrees

Make a career out of Tourism and Travel Services Managementby connecting with accredited colleges and earn your degree. Help yourself and your career by investing in your career so you can make dreams comes true tomorrow. Get an inside look at the top jobs of a travel manager, job duties of a tourism specialist, and a career outlook given the national and regional data in this exciting industry.