Communication & Media

Communication and media encompasses areas of study related to the examination of systems and methods for connecting to audiences for a variety of reason. Individuals will receive education in the types of communication and media one may utilize in order to achieve their goals, including modern and burgeoning methods and systems such as the internet and mobile technologies. Many courses are shared among the various programs, which are differentiated by goals and specific areas of employment and individual may wish to enter upon graduation, such as acting, production, broadcasting, social media, and other areas where a targeted or specialized education is necessary.

In the area of study of communication & media, we offer education and career pathways, as well as list of top schools which offer the following programs:

Audio and Video Production

Audio and video production lead-in

Want to pursue a career in audio and video production? See what programs are available at the associate or bachelor's degree level nationwide. For individuals in need of more information, please refer to our audio and video production schools page.

Broadcast Journalism

Broadcast Journalism College Degree Programs

Connect with colleges offering degree programs in Broadcast Journalism.


Communications lead-in

Communications career has you interested in going to college? Find out more information about schools near you that offer associate, bachelor's, or master's degree programs. Visit our communications degree page today to learn more useful information.


Journalism lead-in

Find out more about journalism and see what bachelor's or master's degree programs are available through schools near you. Individuals seeking additional information are asked to visit our journalism degree details page.


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Embark on a career in photojournalism! Earn an associate or bachelor's degree at one of the top schools in the country. Look through our photojournalism schools page to find information to help you begin your education.


Photojournalist College Degree Programs

Radio And Television Broadcasting

Radio and television broadcasting lead-in

Want to pursue a career in radio and television broadcasting? See what programs are available at the bachelor's or master's degree level across the nation. Look through our radio and television broadcasting schools page to find information to help you begin your education.

Speech Communication and Rhetoric

Speech Communication and Rhetoric College Degree Programs

Find colleges offering speech communication and rhetoric programs today by referring to our college degree page.