Communication & Media

Communication and media encompasses areas of study related to the examination of systems and methods for connecting to audiences for a variety of reason. Individuals will receive education in the types of communication and media one may utilize in order to achieve their goals, including modern and burgeoning methods and systems such as the internet and mobile technologies.

Many courses are shared among the various programs, which are differentiated by goals and specific areas of employment and individual may wish to enter upon graduation, such as acting, production, broadcasting, journalism, speech communications, social media, and other areas where a targeted or specialized education is necessary.

Media and communications is an area of study that has rapidly evolved in the last two decades.  With the technological advances plus user demand of all-things-digital, we are seeing an acceleration of media consumption in the digital domain.  What does this shift mean for students and higher education institutions?  It means we, as people, will need to evolve along with the burgeoning technology.

Students will need to learn new tools, techniques, and applications to reach a digital audience.  Likewise, higher education institutions across the nation will need to update curriculum that is relevant, engaging, and on the leading-edge of technology.

In the area of study of communication & media, we offer education and career pathways, as well as list of top schools which offer the following programs:

Audio and Video Production

Audio and video production lead-in

Want to pursue a career in audio and video production? See what programs are available at the associate or bachelor's degree level nationwide from a full list of accredited colleges and universities in the United States. For individuals in need of more information, please refer to our audio and video production schools page. In addition to degree programs, you will discover a list of the most popular jobs along with an in-depth look at the job responsibilities on a video producer and largest employers of audio managers from coast to coast.

Broadcast Journalism

Broadcast Journalism College Degree Programs

Connect with colleges offering degree programs in Broadcast Journalism today with our award-winning digital portal to get the information you need to make a great decision. With our robust, proprietary matching system for students, you can quickly find the college and degree match that is perfect for you without leaving MatchCollege. Get matched today and discover why millions of college-bound students trust us to help them find their perfect college year over year!


Communications lead-in

Does a communications career have you interested in going to college for the first time or going back to college to earn a degree? Find out more information about schools near you that offer associate, bachelor's, or master's degree programs online and in a traditional classroom setting. Visit our communications degree page today to learn more useful information in this area of study and find out why communications perpetually is one of the most popular degree programs in the United States.


Journalism lead-in

Find out more about journalism and see what bachelor's or master's degree programs are available through schools near you. As an added bonus, get career information and learn the difference between a broadcast journalist and investigative journalist with our dedicated portal. @Individuals seeking additional information are asked to visit our journalism degree details page and request admissions packets from schools of interest as you move closer to making a decision about your academic future.


Photojournalism lead-in

Do you know the nine most popular classes students will typically take on a path to earning a degree in photojournalism? From social documentaries to graphic design, you will get the information you need with our educational library. Embark on a career in photojournalism by starting your research with MatchCollege! Earn a bachelor degree or an associate degree from one of several highly rated universities in the United States. Look through our photojournalism schools page to find details about your education and career in photojournalism.


Photojournalist College Degree Programs

Discover accredited colleges across the country or near you that offer degree programs as a Photojournalist today with our proprietary matching technology. The unique insights and exclusive matching tools provide ready-access to accredited college programs with a simple click of the mouse in a single, award-winning portal. Make a difference today and get matched to the perfect school for you and learn everything you need to know about kick-starting a career in this exciting field of study.

Radio and Television Broadcasting

Radio and television broadcasting lead-in

Are you interested in pursuing a career in radio and television broadcasting? Check out the accredited degree programs offered from top colleges in this academic arena. You may be interested in earning a master's degree in broadcasting or an undergraduate degree from schools near you. Alternatively, you may wish to pursue a broadcasting career elsewhere across the country. In either case, you can quickly locate schools and degrees with a single search on our proprietary search platform today. Look through our radio and television broadcasting schools portal to gather information to help you initiate your education in this arena and learn more about career opportunities and job growth in television broadcasting and radio broadcasting.

Speech Communication and Rhetoric

Speech Communication and Rhetoric College Degree Programs

Do you know the various components that make up speech communications and rhetoric? Would you believe these core elements permeate every aspect of our lives ranging from verbal to non-verbal communication? Find colleges offering speech communication and rhetoric programs today by referring to our college degree page. Connect with the top ranked college programs in communications and learn the tools of the trade to become a professional in an variety of print and digital media industries by investing in your education.