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Also known as Taft Law School

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Taft University System is a four-year career school that provides training and education opportunities for its students located in and around Santa Ana. Over the past several years Taft University System granted degrees to over seventy students. Taft University System offeres a number of law degree programs for undergraduate and graduate students.  The law degree programs inlude the following types of pathways:

Bachelor Degree Program

Conferred as a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Laws Program this academic track is an undergraduate degree program that can be earned as an independent course of study.  An independent program may be a great fit for working professionals or busy students that are unable to dedicate time to physically attend class on a regular basis.

Master Degree Program

This graduate degree in law is conferred as a Master of Laws degree with an emphasis or concentration in Taxation via the Taft University System.  Like the BS degree program, the Master degree program at Taft is an independent study program.  The substantive difference between the two programs is the core curricula and student expectations.

Juris Doctor Programs

The Juris Doctor attorney track can be earned in four different forms.  It can be earned as an Attorney track as in independent course of study or a telecommunications program or as an Executive path earned via telecommunications or independent.

The two primary learning modalities offered by Taft Law School include the telecommunications program and the independent program.  The telecommunications modality is designed as a distance learning program that supports students who are not able to attend a physical class with regularity yet receive regular, valuable interaction with staff and peers as part of the course of study.  Classes start on a fixed date with assignments due at a certain time.  The independent learning track, on the other hand, is a distance learning program created for students that cannot commit to a fixed schedule.  Independence is the key feature of the latter, allowing students to complete course work as fast or as slow as necessary.  In either case, the Taft curriculum is rigorous and have a similar set of requirements from start to finish.

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Programs Offered

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Tuition & Fees Information

Undergraduate Courses - Tuition Details

  • Annual tuition estimates are between $4,100-$4,900
  • Required fees: $130

Graduate Courses - Tuition Details

  • Annual tuition for graduate students is estimated to range between $5,400-$6,500
  • Required fees for graduate students are around $250
  • Annual tuition estimates for specific graduate schools:

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