How to Get into Your Top College

Get into Your Top College Choice

We have assembled a list of critical criteria that help college applicants stand out from the pack to help you crush the odds.  As you may know, the media continues to push an aggregate college acceptance rate of around 7% which is hypercompetitive.  With only 7 applicants out of 100 getting into the college of choice, applicants are left to scramble and complete multiple applications with the all-too-familiar spray and pray approach.

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What if you had a set of reliable factors to help you boost your odds of admission to the college of your choice?  In the attached eBook, we address a number of important factors used to determine if applicants are eventually accepted, rejected, or wait-listed.  The following factors need to be understood and leveraged to the best of your ability to crush the odds and get into the college of your choice.


  • Find out what effect grades has on college acceptance and degree attainment.
  • Control your grades to make the most of your upcoming college experience.
  • Invest in establishing good study habits – it means far more than a letter grade.

Standardized Tests

  • How important are standardized tests?
  • Learn the value of a super score?


  • Is a college scholarship in the cards for you?
  • Can you compete in sports for a college program?
  • Will competing in college help my odds of admission?

Early Decision

  • What is early decision?
  • Does every college offer an early decision?
  • What are the advantages of committing to a college early?

Legacy Status

  • Do you know what legacy status is?
  • How can you leverage legacy status to get into your top college?
  • What is admission yield and why is it important?

Demonstrable Interest

  • What is demonstrable interest?
  • How are demonstrable interest and admissions yield related?
  • Learn the best ways to demonstrate interest in a college.

Stand Out

  • Learn how to stand out from other applicants.
  • What factors can help me get into my top college?
  • Discover possible pitfalls to avoid.

Be accurate, organized, and focused on your stated goal of attending the perfect college for you.  You control a great deal of the college admission process.  Once you know what colleges look for in qualified applicants, you simply demonstrate that and reinforce those qualities in an authentic manner.  Your goals are within reach when you take the time to understand the college admissions process, invest in yourself, stay organized, focused, and goal oriented.  MatchCollege helps millions of students every year and our decade of experience will help give you the key insights to find the perfect college for you.  Believe in yourself and hustle to make your dreams come true.  Get smart by reading our eBook today along with our highly acclaimed complete guide to the college admissions process today.  Enjoy the eBooks and continued success to you and yours!


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