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What is Commercial and Advertising Art?

Commercial and Advertising Art is a field of study fusing art and business to arrive at creative art or art used for commercial purposes. The Commercial and Advertising Art vocation will typically include professionals designing a variety of advertisements, books, logos, signs, posters, album covers, stationary, billboards, magazines, television, websites, and other displays used to promote a service, product, or idea.  Commercial artists should have a variety of arrows in their quiver to effectively serve the marketplace that should comprise the following: free-hand drawing, painting, graphic design, graphic editing, basic advertising principles, visualization expertise, media knowledge, and animation basics.

Top Degrees in Commercial Art & Advertising Art

Prospective students looking to enter the field of commercial art and advertising art have several options to consider.  From undergraduate certificate programs to degree programs, a range of programs exist.  In fact, students will have more choices than ever as more colleges continue to expand their course offerings to include online learning programs.  Online learning has become the fastest growing segment in higher education as the digital learning modality allows for unique benefits to students and universities.  Examples of benefits include greater scheduling flexibility for asynchronous programs and potential cost savings versus the traditional classroom model.   To help students better understand program options and quickly connect with accredited colleges and universities, we have created a summary of each below.

Online Certificate Programs in Commercial & Advertising Art

Working professionals and college students can earn a certificate in commercial art and advertising either in class or online from a number of institutions.  Either learning modality will provide students with the fundamentals of the trade and prepare for entry-level positions in the field.  Certificate programs will vary in length depending on the curricular design and program emphasis.  Classroom-based and online certificate programs can take students a few months up to two-years to complete depending on course load and course design.  Certificates can be used to enter a new field, expand your skill set, remain competitive in your current field, or hep prepare for a job change.

Online Associate Degrees in Commercial & Advertising Art

Associate degrees in advertising art and commercial art can be conferred as an Associate of Arts (AA) or Associate of Applied Science (AAS).  An associate degree is a 2-year program for full-time students while part-time students will take longer.  AAS and AA programs will meld general education courses with core classes to help provide students with a well-balanced education.  Liberal arts courses will vary from program to program but will generally include classes such as communications, English composition, history, philosophy, psychology, and creative writing.

Core classes in commercial and advertising art will often include similar core concepts from school to school.  Classes you may find in a course catalog will typically include the following: drawing fundamentals, graphic design, computer design basics, photographic imaging, computer design technology, advertising copywriting, design applications, web development tools, technical illustration, social media, web design, digital print production, illustrative imaging, and multimedia design.

Online Bachelor Degrees in Commercial & Advertising Art

On-site or online bachelor degrees in advertising art and commercial art will be conferred as a Bachelor of Science (BS) at most schools.  Bachelor degrees are 4-year programs for full-time students combining liberal arts classes with core curriculum.  A bachelor’s degree is similar in construction to an associate’s degree with an emphasis on a well-rounded, holistic education.  Combining general education with core classes help build integrative thinking skills and a worldly curiosity.  Core classes found in an advertising art and commercial art program will typically include the following:

Design Fundamentals Digital Image Manipulation
Observational Drawing Basic Web Animation
Packaging Design Concept Development
Web Scripting Graphic Symbolism
Editorial Illustration Electronic Design
Advertising Design Contemporary Design Issues
Perspective Drawing Design Principles
Image Manipulation Dimensional Design
Digital Color Theory Design and Technology
Life Drawing Graphic Illustration
Digital Illustration Contemporary Typography
Corporate Identity Communication Design


Educational Requirements for Advertising Artists

In terms of educational requirements, Commercial and Advertising Art degree holders will have typically studied the following courses while in college:

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Employment Outlook & Careers in Commercial Art

For students that earn a college degree in Commercial and Advertising Art, there are several fields of specialization that one can pursue.  The options range from managers, marketing, advertising, promotions specialist, leaders, directors, project specialists, human resources, teachers, editors, public relations, graphic designers, and business administration in the public or private domain to name a few possible career tracks.

Job Growth in Commercial Art

The job growth in the greater Commercial and Advertising Art domain are well above average.  For example, the rate of job growth for advertising managers is expected to rise 9% through 2024 and for market research analysts a 19% growth rate is expected during the same period.  Given the broad nature of the Commercial and Advertising Art degree, compensation after graduation can vary greatly from career field to career field given prior experience and geographic location.  Related fields include teaching, marketing, artist, managing, leading, public relations, and editing.

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