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What is a Computer Repair Technician?

A Computer Repair Technician is a professional in the computer sector focused on the creation and maintenance of operable, stable computer systems, and electronic devices.  Compute repair techs are required to have a broad-based knowledge of electronics, electrical systems, computer periphery, software, transistors, hardware, and motherboards.  Additional requirements of repair techs may include resolving issues related to internet connectivity, software integration, system design, operating systems, software patches, computer coding, technology upgrades, network systems, and network repair.

Computer Repair Technician & Installation Degrees

Colleges and universities across the country have a variety of robust program in computer servicing technology.  Certificate programs and degrees in computer installation and computer repair can be found offered by community colleges, career colleges, technical institutes, trade schools, and universities of all sizes.

To help you find the best program for you, simply read the summaries below and request information from the accredited college that fits you best.  Since classes can be taken on-site or online, you are no longer limited to taking classes from local college programs near your home.

Certificate Programs in Computer Installation & Repair

An online certificate program in computer installation and computer repair can be viewed as an entry point into the field.  In other words, an undergraduate degree is designed to provide students with the essentials to troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair a variety of computers and computer systems.

Undergraduate certificate programs will generally last around a year with some programs taking less time for full-time students.  Students earning a certificate in the field can either join the workforce or continue on to earn an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree.  Related degree programs can include computer systems engineering, computer hardware engineering, computer science, and electronics engineering technician.

Associate Degree in Computer Installation & Repair

Online associate’s degrees in computer repair and computer installation are available from a number of accredited colleges.  Associate degrees in the field are conferred as an Associate of Science (AS) in most cases with the heavy emphasis placed on math and science.  An associate degree will take students 2-years of full-time matriculation to complete the degree program.  Students studying on a part-time basis will take longer than two years as a function of their course load and pace.

Associate of Science (AS) degrees in computer installation and repair will have the opportunity to blend core coursework with liberal arts education.  The mix of both will provide students with a well-rounded education and integrative thinking skills necessary to move to the next level.  General education course you may find in a course catalog include communications, history, sociology, philosophy, creative writing, and art.

The core curricula in computer installation and repair will vary from school to school.  However, the essentials will be covered to equip students for a variety of jobs after graduation.  Skills you can expect to learn include classes to help diagnose, operate, maintain, service, and install a variety of computer hardware and software system.  In addition, students can expect to learn the mechanical and electrical interworking of a number of different computer systems.

Educational Requirements for Computer Technicians

In terms of educational requirements, Computer Installation and Repair Technician degree holders will have typically studied the following courses while in college:

Schools Other Students Requested Information From:

Employment for Computer Repair Techs

Repair technicians who are formally trained will have a number of job opportunities to seize.  Jobs in computer repair may include working for a traditional repair shop or in a retail outlet for software and hardware manufacturers like Microsoft or Apple.

On the other hand, students may elect to parlay the skills learned in college into similar careers in the industry.  Examples of jobs similar to a computer repair tech include a computer architect, research scientist, network architect, information research scientist, network designer, information architect, software programmer, computer support specialist, database administrator, network administrator, information security analyst, software developer, or web architect.

What Does a Computer Repair Technician Do?

In a recent survey by the Department of Labor, professionals in the field provided insight into their jobs and daily activities.  Below you will find a summary of the most popular job responsibilities of a computer installation and computer repair technician to help you better understand the job.

  • Fielding user inquiries about computer hardware and software to resolve issues
  • Managing the daily health of computer systems and computer networks
  • Understanding technical manuals and troubleshooting to resolve acute or perpetual issues
  • Assembling computer equipment for staff use including hardware requirements, network access, and operating systems
  • Creating training systems and procedures for small and large organizations
  • Liaising between a corporation and third-party vendor to resolve problems, warranty issues, or defective hardware devices
  • Instructing computer systems to perform tasks and collect information on functionality and system health
  • Maintaining proper communication records
  • Performing necessary hardware and software repairs at installation or during a system upgrade
  • Working with staff and peers to understand pain-points and opportunities for improvement
  • Customizing software programs to meet internal specifications
  • Inspecting corporate computer equipment to resolve lingering issues and to prepare for computer systems to be transported to end users
  • Working with management to establish automation opportunities, workflow analysis, cost comparisons, and/or space re-design initiatives

Computer Technician Salary & Job Outlook

Computer technician salary numbers published by the BLS show a median annual income average at $52,810.  Job growth in computer support and repair is estimate to grow at an 11% clip which is nearly twice the national average.  In an industry that employs nearly 850,000 individuals an eleven percent increase in jobs is substantial.  Higher wages and greater job stability will favor those with a college education.  Hard work, job duties, work experience, and job proficiency will factor into overall compensation.

Resources for Computer Repair Technicians

As a starting point, students may be interested in researching ACRBO which is an association created for computer repair business owners across the nation.  Additionally, the ACRIP may be a beneficial organization worth investigating given the breadth of services and advocacy for a wide variety of computer technicians.

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