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What is Construction Site Management?

Construction Site Management is a field of study in business focused on the operations, resource management, and management of construction projects.  The Construction Site Management degree track prepares students to prudently manage, inspect, and supervise a wide range of projects from small construction projects to high rise buildings for both commercial and residential projects.

A Construction Management major will gain academic knowledge and hands-on experience to understand: project management, site safety, personnel management, labor relations, construction documentation, drafting, diversity training, resource management, logistics, cost control, scheduling, loss mitigation, bid strategies, construction insurance, bonding policies, laws, regulations, accident management, and communication skills.

Top Degrees in Construction Site Management

Earning a degree in construction management and building site management will help prepare you for a variety of careers.  The construction industry has long been an economic driver in the United States and learning how to effectively manage projects is a viable trade.

Students looking to enter the field will need a solid education and a great work ethic coupled with work experience in a variety of trades.  Below you will find a summary of degree and certificate programs to consider as part of your vocation in construction and building site management.

Certificate Programs in Construction Site Management

Certificate programs in construction and building site management can come in a few varieties.  General certificate of completion programs provides a deep dive into myriad trades while a specific certificate will be short, intense courses.

To illustrate, a certificate of completion in construction basics may be only 10-12 credits that include classes like construction fundamentals, electrical basics, finish carpentry, residential framing, and plumbing.

On the other hand, a general certificate in building site management may include courses like construction fundamentals, estimating, planning, scheduling, law, business management, sustainable buildings, LEED certifications, solar design, home energy ratings, residential codes, IBC codes, plumbing, HVAC, CAD, and technical writing.  Program design and course materials should correlate with your career objectives and planning accordingly will set you up for success.

Associate Degrees in Construction Site Management

Associate’s degree in construction and building site management will be conferred as an Associate of Science (AS) at most colleges.  They will look very similar to the extended general certificate programs with the addition of general education courses.  Liberal arts classes such as communications, creative writing, psychology, and history will be coupled with core classes to provide students with a well-rounded educational experience.

Core curriculum found in an associate’s degree program will vary from school to school with deviations within each trade.  Generally students can expect to see a similar set of coursework to prepare for a variety of different construction projects across various regions of the country.

Examples of classes found in the AS building site management degree include construction fundamentals, blueprint reading, law, scheduling, operations management, planning, materials management, logistics, finish carpentry, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, building science, LEED, sustainable buildings, solar thermal design, photovoltaic science, building codes, CAD, AutoCAD, architecture, residential building design, and commercial buildings.

Bachelor Degrees in Construction Site Management

Bachelor’s degrees in the construction trade are typically conferred as a Bachelor of Science (BS).  Bachelor degrees are 4-year programs for full-time students while part-time students will take longer to complete.

Degree options in the construction trade at this level can include building site management, construction management, residential building, masonry, concrete science, and building construction technology.  The construction management and building site management degree will provide students with key skills and knowledge about managing large and small construction projects.  Students will learn about the trade from the ground up.  Meaning, most bachelor degrees will provide the essentials of safety and tools while progressing towards management and planning.

Examples of course work found in the bachelor’s degree in building site management include: hand tools, power tools, framing, site preparation, construction materials, technology, algebra, blueprint reading, architectural drawings, interior finishes, roof structures, concrete finishes, electrical systems, mechanical systems, physics, estimating, trim and millwork, building codes, CAD, scheduling, financial accounting, business management, payroll, property development, building systems, and human relations.

Educational Requirements for Construction Supervisors

In terms of educational requirements, Building and Construction Site Management degree holders will have typically studied the following courses while in college:

Employment in Construction Site Management

For students that earn a college degree in Building and Construction Site Management, there are several fields of specialization that one can pursue.  The options range from superintendent, general contractor, specialty contractor, civil engineer, budget analyst, electrician, architect, engineering manager, cost estimator, landscape architect, and project manager in the public or private domain to name a few possible career tracks.

Job Growth, Salary, and Related Construction Fields

The job growth in the greater Building and Construction Site Management domain are at or above average.  For example, the rate of job growth for industrial machinery mechanic is expected to rise 5% through 2024 and for electricians a 14% growth rate is expected during the same period.

Given the broad nature of the Building and Construction Site Management degree, compensation after graduation can vary greatly from career field to career field given prior experience and geographic location.  Related fields include maintenance, repair, manager, project manager, equipment operator, engineer, and equipment repair.

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