Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, and Firefighting Degree

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What is Homeland Security?

Homeland Security is a field of study emphasizing protection, safety, and organization of an effective response to natural disasters and man-made incidents.  The term homeland security is a blanket term utilized to describe a national effort to ensure safety and security of citizens against foreign and domestic threats or acts.  Although homeland security is often associated with terrorism, there are a wide variety of threats that can endanger citizens from natural disasters to acts of terrorism.

What is Law Enforcement Studies?

The Law Enforcement degree track provides knowledge and case studies on enforcing the law, crime deterrence, law discovery, rehabilitation, and punishing violations according to local or federal statutes.  With cross-over with criminal justice and criminology, the law enforcement track adheres to the principles of justice administration from coast to coast.

Typical jobs within the law enforcement domain include police officers, investigators, police cadets, state trooper, sheriff, conservation officer, auxiliary police officer, airport security, police dispatcher, deputy sheriff, police lieutenant, probation officer, district attorney, chief investigator, protective agent, and corrections officer.

Firefighting Studies

Firefighting studies focus on suppression technologies, fire prevention, community outreach, search and rescue programs.  Typical jobs within the firefighting discipline include an EMT, paramedic, fire recruit, fire scientist, fire protection technology, firefighter paramedic, and port authority firefighters.

Security & Law Enforcement Requirements

The curriculum within the Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, and Firefighting degree program will typical provide students with diverse courses.  Examples of classes you may find in security and law enforcement classes:

Criminology Risk Assessment
Medical Operations Forensic Science 
Public Safety Legal Studies
Emergency Rescue & Recovery Hazard Assessment
Counterterrorism  Contingency Planning
National Security Emergency Response
Criminal Justice  Fire Science
Public Relations CPR & First Aid
Relief Administration Event Mitigation


Employment & Law Enforcement Specializations

Students studying law enforcement in college will have varied paths after graduation.  Some programs are designed to be direct-hire programs which hire students from specifically designed degrees.  In other cases, students will have choices to consider with respect to security and law careers.

Vocations to consider in law enforcement may include EMT, firefighter, police officer, detective, budget analyst, forensic scientist, private detective, research scientist, security guard, forensic counterterrorism agent, police science, fraud investigation, and policy director.

Security & Law Enforcement Job Growth

Careers in law enforcement and associated security fields are estimated by the BLS to grow substantially in the coming years.  For example, the paramedic and EMT job profession is forecast to rise by at least 15%.

Likewise, the career prospects for security officers and firefighters will rise by 6% during this timeframe.  States employing the most officers and firefighters is currently Texas followed by California, Illinois, and New York.

Resources in Security & Law Enforcement

For additional information and resources about the Department of Homeland Security, visit DHS for tools, resources, job listings, and regulations that may pertain to your particular situation.

The FLEOA and IAFF are world-class associations to help extend the professionalism of law enforcement and firefighters across the country.  Consider researching these organizations to determine if the resources and tools are worth the annual membership dues.

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