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What is Latin American Studies?

Latin American Studies is an multi-disciplinary area of study focused on Latin American history, art, culture, economics, and politics.  University degrees in Latin American studies were curated to provide unique insights and appreciation for the rich history of Latin America and people that shaped those countries.  Intensive research projects and case studies are created by professors to explore various aspect of life in Latin American cultures.  Domains of study in Latin America include an array of sociology, athletics, art, religion, literature, psychology, travel, and behavioral patters.

Top Latin American Degrees

For students that qualify for a Latin American language and literature degree, you may have the ability to earn a degree via different learning modalities.  In other words, you may be given the opportunity to earn your degree fully online or partially online as provided by the college or university.

College degrees can be earned exclusively online giving students the flexibility to simply connect to an approved school learning portal and complete a set of the required coursework as your schedule permits.  Hybrid learning models may also be available for you to consider.  The hybrid learning model blends the best of classroom and distance learning modalities providing both high tech and high touch connectivity.

Next, students will need to select a degree level after determining the best type of learning model.  The degree levels available for students in a Latin American Studies program will typically span the gambit.

In other words, you may have the opportunity to earn undergraduate degrees such as an Associate of Arts (AA) or a Bachelor of Arts (BA).  Qualifying students may consider graduate degree programs to extend the breadth and depth of knowledge in Latin Studies.  These degrees typically are conferred as a Master of Arts (MA) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

Classes in Latin Studies Major

Each degree pathway will require a student to successfully complete a unique set of courses.  For example, a student on an Associate of Arts (AA) track will take general education classes such as sociology, economics, creative writing, English composition, and communications plus core classes.  Meanwhile, a graduate student will be tasked to complete a focused set of upper-level classes requiring the completion of lower-level classes in addition to a thesis project or dissertation.  Thesis projects along with the dissertations are board-approved projects intended to extend the body of knowledge in the  Latin American Studies domain.

The array of classes found in a Latin American program may vary from school to school.  However, a set of common courses will be found in most degree programs.  Core classes may include the following types of classes in Latin Studies:

  • Anthropological Studies in Latin America
  • The history of Latin America
  • Globalization & Economic Changes
  • Modern Latin Studies
  • Contemporary Latin American Literature & Language
  • Urbanism in Latin Countries
  • Latin American Poetry
  • Latin American History & Cultural Studies
  • Introduction to Latin American Culture
  • Methods and Theories of Latin American Art
  • Social & Cultural Changes in Latin America
  • Economic Analysis of Latin Countries
  • Latin American Music and Art

Employment Information & Latin Careers

Graduate and undergraduates earning Latin American degrees will possess targeted knowledge Latin cultures.  This knowledge can be leveraged to pursue careers in teaching, history, cultural research, curriculum design, journalist, or author.  In terms of job growth, associated careers such as teaching and authors are set to exceed the national average.

College professors are expected to grow at a 13% clip while authors will grow at 9% in the coming decade.  Growing sectors in a growing economy will translate to new jobs and career mobility for qualified professionals.

Additional Resources for Latin Studies Students

The expansive history of Latin America affords students, teachers, and practitioners the ability to specialize in an area of study or generalize in your degree.  In either case, you may find the following organizations a boon to your career.  Each provides unique resources and networking opportunities to enrich your knowledge and understanding of Latin studies.

  • The Latin American Association (LAA)
  • Latin American Studies Association (LASA)
  • American Association of Teachers of Spanish & Portuguese (AATSP)
  • Association of Hispanic Arts (AHA)
  • Hispanic Genealogy Association (HGA)
  • National Association of Latino Arts & Culture (NALAC)

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