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What is Near and Middle Eastern Studies?

Near and Middle Eastern Studies is a field of study focused on the study of politics, history, culture, geography, and economics of the Middle East.  A program in Near and Middle Eastern Studies is far more broad than a study of a specific ethnicity yet more precise than a study of people residing on a particular continent.

The Near and Middle East is often defined as the following set of countries: Oman, Israel, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen.   In addition to the core curricula of a Near and Middle Eastern Studies program, a student may be required by the college or university to perform specific types of research to help advance the field of study.

Popular Degrees in Middle Eastern Studies

Degree pathways in Near and Middle Eastern studies can include a traditional on-site classroom program, distance learning, and/or hybrid programs.  A hybrid modality blends the flexibility of an online learning environment with a traditional classroom setting by requiring students to meet at scheduled intervals.  Various learning modalities afford students the ability to earn differing degrees via platforms that work best for them.  A student may choose to earn degrees such as an Associate’s of Arts (AA), Bachelor’s of Arts (BA), Master of Arts (MA) or a PhD in Middle Eastern Studies.

Each degree level will require students to take different levels of classes on a path towards completion.  For example, a student enrolled in a bachelor degree program can be expected to take undergraduate classes that fuse liberal arts course work with core curricula in a four-year program.  Meanwhile, a graduate student may be able to select their coursework via a unique arrangement of approved electives in conjunction with a thesis or dissertation project, for a master’s degree and doctorate program respectively.

Classes in Middle Eastern Studies

The classes you may find in a Near and Middle Eastern program may not be exactly identical from institution to institution.  However, you will find a number of overlapping classes that include the following topics:

  • Introduction to Middle Eastern Studies
  • Methods and Theories of Middle Eastern Art
  • Modern Middle Eastern Economies
  • History of the Middle East
  • Globalization and Gender Studies
  • Urbanism in the Middle East
  • Middle Eastern Culture & History
  • Economic Analysis of Middle Eastern Countries
  • Social & Cultural Change
  • Contemporary Middle Eastern Literature & Language
  • Anthropology
  • Middle Eastern Poetry
  • Middle Eastern Music and Art

Employment Information & Regional Specializations

For students that earn a college degree in Near and Middle Eastern Studies, there are several fields of specialization that one can pursue.  he options range from middle school teachers, high school teachers, postsecondary teachers, researcher, curriculum designer, historian, politician, community advocate, public policy specialist, marketing, advertising, and media specialist to name a few possible career tracks.

Job Growth and Related Careers

Near and Middle Eastern Studies jobs will vary along with the industry chosen by graduates. Similar career profiles are easier to illustrate as employment for college professors is expected to increase by 13% and public relations specialists by 9% in the coming years.  Dive into research about his exciting field by locating top majors that interest you or online graduate schools of interest.

Additional Resources in Middle Eastern Studies

Students that seek connections outside school, may find the following organizations and associations of benefit.  Associations provide students and practitioners with learning opportunities, tools, resources, and professional networking within a dedicated field of study.

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