List of 4-Year Public Universities & Colleges in Alabama

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Best Public Colleges in Alabama

Alabama has more than a dozen 4-year public universities in addition to the dozens of community colleges and private colleges. All told, nearly one hundred higher education entities call Alabama home. Public schools in Alabama span from Huntsville to Mobile and all points in between. The geographic diversity provides amble opportunity for students to find a public school campus that fits them. The University of Alabama has consistently been ranked in the top public schools in the nation. Troy University is the largest public university in Alabama with campus locations in Phoenix City, Montgomery, and Dothan. Other notable public universities in Alabama include Auburn University, Jacksonville State University, University of South Alabama, and Alabama State University. Public college tuition in Alabama and academics rankings can be found on the school’s page with MatchCollege.

What is the difference between a public college and a private college?

Public colleges and state universities in Alabama that receive public funding are considered a state school or public school. A public institution may operate as an independent institution or as part of a state-wide system of schools. Colleges operating as a part of a state system will have centralized operations for many school functions whereas independent schools manage operations in-house. Most state funded colleges and universities have a two-tier tuition system: one for residents and another for out-of-state residents. State funded schools will generally offer an in-state discount for residents while non-residents will have a higher base tuition. State funded universities will be constructed to typically have higher enrollment than their private school counterparts within the state. Public colleges will often have robust research departments and substantive resources to invest back into the school. Additionally, public universities will generally have both undergraduate and graduate level programs in a variety of degree tracks across various departments and learning domains.

Alabama Public School Majors and Online Degree Programs

Public universities in Alabama offer students a number of degree programs to choose from that include two-year career training programs through doctorate degrees in a number of areas of study. A wide span of public colleges in Alabama offer the broadest selection of majors for students seeking a bachelor’s degree in sciences, business, engineering, arts, and beyond. Check out the list of public schools in Alabama near you to learn more about degree options within each public institution in the State of Alabama.  

Auburn University

The 2 schools listed below are part of the Auburn University system. By following the links below, you can view each school's profile in detail.

Institution Name Number Students Information Virtual Tour
Auburn University in Auburn, ALMore Than 20,000info
Auburn University - Montgomery in Montgomery, AL1,000 to 4,999info

The University of Alabama System

The 3 schools listed below are part of The University of Alabama System. By following the links below, you can view each school's profile in detail.

Institution Name Number Students Information Virtual Tour
The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, ALMore Than 20,000info
University of Alabama at Birmingham in Birmingham, AL10,000 to 19,999info Virtual Campus Tour of University of Alabama at Birmingham
University of Alabama in Huntsville in Huntsville, AL5,000 to 9,999info

Other Public 4-Year State Universities & Colleges

Below is a list of other 4-year state universities and colleges in Alabama.

Institution Name Number Students Information Virtual Tour
Alabama A&M University in Normal, AL5,000 to 9,999info
Alabama State University in Montgomery, AL5,000 to 9,999info
Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, AL5,000 to 9,999info
Troy University in Troy, AL10,000 to 19,999info
University of Montevallo in Montevallo, AL1,000 to 4,999info
University of North Alabama in Florence, AL5,000 to 9,999info
University of South Alabama in Mobile, AL10,000 to 19,999info
University of West Alabama in Livingston, AL1,000 to 4,999info

Notes: Tuition & fee amounts are for both Alabama in-state residents and out of state students, unless noted otherwise. The tuition information displayed is an estimate, which we calculated based on historical data and should be solely used for informational purposes only. Please contact the respective school for information about the current school year.

Source: IPEDS Survey 2012-2015: Data obtained from the US Dept. of Education's Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS). Data may vary depending on school and academic year.