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There are 55 private colleges dotted across the great state of Florida. Given a total population of twenty million people, the state has the financial heft to compete academically on a national scale. The private schools range from small colleges in the panhandle of Florida to large schools in along the Atlantic coastline and all points in between. Top ranked private colleges in Florida include the following institutions: University of Miami, Florida Tech, Embry Riddle, Full Sail, Florida National, Southwest Florida, Stetson, and Chamberlain. Private institutions in the state of Florida are as diverse as the students that study at the schools, providing substantial opportunity for students to learn and grow in a particular area of interest. A private college is a higher education institution that does not receive funds from the state. Thus, schools in this situation are reliant upon donations from alumni and corporations plus tuition to operate the college. You will typically find that a private university will have lower student to teacher ratios, smaller class sizes, and a greater degree of access to professors versus public colleges. Lastly, private universities will often provide students with a robust financial aid package greater than public schools, on average, making private colleges more feasible to attend from a financial standpoint.

Best Florida Private School Degrees

The degree programs you decide to follow will wholly depend on your specific interests, abilities, and talents coupled with designated programs offered by the college. Minors and majors found at private universities around Florida have been compiled by MatchCollege to ready access to specific private colleges and their degree programs offered at the school. Locating the best degree program for you will take research skills and curiosity to gather the right information from schools on your short list. You may find an exciting future in an area of study that support the Florida region and its demographic grouping in sustainability, environmental biology, oncology, solar energy technology, water resource science, public health, gerontology, surveying technology, marine biology, dialysis, or tourism. Meanwhile, other students may start their academic careers in a general area of study such as math, history, philosophy, business, or anthropology only to go on to earn a graduate degree in forensic psychology, biomedical engineering, computer systems, or healthcare administration.

List of Large 4-Year Private Universities in Florida

There are 23 large private universities in our database for Florida. Follow the links below to get more details about each school.

Large Universities with Research Facilities or Faculty

The universities listed below offer many diverse academic programs, have a large student body, and usually have research facilities or faculty involved with research. These schools very often have graduate and professional programs as well.

Barry University in Miami, FL

Visit the website for Barry University at

Virtual Campus Tour of

Program Details

  • 5,000 to 9,999 Undergraduate Students Enrolled
  • Estimated tuition & fees: $30,000 per year

Visit the website for Florida Institute of Technology at

Program Details

  • 5,000 to 9,999 Undergraduate Students Enrolled
  • Estimated tuition & fees: $41,000 per year

Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Visit the website for Nova Southeastern University at

Virtual Campus Tour of

Program Details

  • More Than 20,000 Undergraduate Students Enrolled
  • Estimated tuition & fees: $29,000 per year

University of Miami in Coral Gables, FL

Visit the website for University of Miami at

Program Details

  • 10,000 to 19,999 Undergraduate Students Enrolled
  • Estimated tuition & fees: $48,000 per year

Large Primarily Academic Universities

Each university listed below offers a diverse set of degrees and programs, unlike the research universities listed above, these schools contain little to no research activity on campus and are primarily academic.

Small to Medium Sized 4-Year Universities

The 4-year schools listed below have a small to medium sized student body and may offer a wide range of associate and bachelor's degrees. Get more information about each school by clicking the links below.

4-Year Colleges with a Special Focus on an Area of Study

The schools below are grouped by their special area of focus. To learn about admissions, tuition & fees, programs offered, and more click on the school names below.

Technology-Related Schools

Health Professions Schools

Schools of Art, Music, and Design

Theological Seminaries, Bible Colleges, and Other Faith-Related Institutions

Notes: Tuition & fee amounts are for both Florida in-state residents and out of state students, unless noted otherwise. The tuition information displayed is an estimate, which we calculated based on historical data and should be solely used for informational purposes only. Please contact the respective school for information about the current school year.

Source: IPEDS Survey 2012-2015: Data obtained from the US Dept. of Education's Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS). Data may vary depending on school and academic year.