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Finding Accredited Colleges in Illinois

To help you easily find the best colleges in Illinois today, MatchCollege has created an extensive portal for all types of colleges and universities.  From public universities to private colleges and liberal arts schools to community colleges across the Illinois state college system, we have a full listing of schools and degree programs.  Top ranked colleges in Illinois are listed in an easy to read format that includes degree programs, financial aid trends, acceptance rates, enrollment trends, 3D campus tours, attendance statistics, and career information for prospective college students.

Illinois is a medium sized state in the heart of the continental United States and home to one the U.S.’s largest cities, Chicago. The state offers a balance of economic interests, from agricultural ventures to technology and research to manufacturing. Illinois is also home to a large number of public and private institutions of higher learning, spread throughout the state, but with a high concentration in the greater Chicago area.

From the public schools available to students, about half belong to one of two university systems. The Southern Illinois University System operates two schools and three satellite school specializing in Medicine, Dental Medicine and Nursing. OF the two main schools, the University of Southern Illinois is the second oldest public university in the state. The University of Illinois System of schools has 3 campuses and enrolls approximately 70,000 students per year.

Schools in the Southern Illinois University System School:

Schools in the University of Illinois System:

The state of Illinois also operates several schools that run independently of any state established system. These schools offer a variety of curriculums as well as diverse educational methods, some offering liberal arts education while others focus on research. Some of the larger of these schools includes:

The state of Illinois is also host to a large number of private colleges. These colleges provide diverse educational offerings for students wishing to continue their education in Illinois. Some of the schools are renowned for their overall education while others are renowned for their excellence in a particular field. Some provide a religious foundation for their educational offerings. Some of the better known private schools in Illinois include:

Additionally, the State of Illinois operates a large number of community colleges serving various districts throughout the state. These institutions offer students vocational educations as well credits for transfer into a four year institution. Along with the community college system is the large number of privately operated vocational and technical schools that offer diplomas and certificates for completion of programs designed to impart the skills and education necessary to successfully work in the chosen field.

The most populous city in Illinois is Chicago, followed by Aurora and Rockford.  While the most populous county in Illinois is Cook County with DuPage County and Lake County close in population to one another.  If you are interested in visiting the state of Illinois, consider visiting their state page or the state chapter of the Chamber of Commerce.

Exploring the Best Colleges in Illinois

With one-of-a-kind, proprietary search tools you will be able to quickly find colleges in Illinois offering both 2-year and 4-year degree programs.  You will also find the latest published information from the DOE on financial aid, student to teacher ratios, sports programs, enrollment, distance learning, and degree programs for top ranked Illinois colleges.   Find out today what colleges exist in Illinois, how much tuition is for a private and public college in Illinois, and college degrees that are the best fit for you by simply requesting information from accredited colleges.

With a simple request, students can connect with an array of accredited colleges in Illinois.  In turn, accredited colleges will generate an admissions packet directly to you in a secure and safe manner with MatchCollege.  Learn more about admissions criteria, financial aid options, grants, scholarships, and more by talking with an admission’s officer at the university.

College Degree Breakdown for the State of Illinois

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, NCES, O*NET Online

Doctoral or professional degree 148,910 2.5
Master's degree 90,580 1.5
Bachelor's degree 1,372,520 23.2
Associate's degree 136,090 2.3
Postsecondary nondegree award 333,100 5.6
Some college, no degree 143,780 2.4
High school diploma or equivalent 2,108,480 35.7
No formal educational credential 1,570,370 26.6

Public Universities & Colleges

Image of Public College Campus

There are zero public 4-year state universities and colleges in Illinois. These four-year institutions predominantly offer bachelor's or higher level programs and some may even include research facilities. See a state-wide list of the state universities and colleges in Illinois.

Private Universities & Colleges

Image of Private College Campus

In Illinois there are zero accredited private four-year colleges. Similar to public schools, private colleges and universities offer bachelor's or higher level programs and research opportunities, although they usually have smaller classes and higher tuition. Compare admission requirements and tuition details for private colleges in Illinois.

Community Colleges

Community College in Illinois

Community colleges are public institutions that offer low cost, high quality education for residents throughout the state. These schools offer 2-year programs that grant associate degrees or offer training courses in specialized trades. Illinois" Community colleges also are the number one transfer-out programs available for four-year colleges and universities. Learn more and compare community colleges in Illinois.

Liberal Arts Colleges

Liberal Arts Colleges

Illinois has zero accredited liberal arts colleges. These schools primarily focus on undergraduate programs in the liberal arts and sciences through comprehensive and flexible curriculums. Compare all the liberal arts colleges in Illinois.

Bible & Christian Colleges

Christian Colleges

Bible and Christian colleges generally provide specialized undergraduate education with a focus on religious or biblical study. There are approximately zero such colleges in Illinois located throughout the state. See a full list of Christian colleges in Illinois along with program and tuition information.

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Illinois College Student Resources

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