Overview of Montana Colleges & Schools

Though the state of Montana is large in terms of area, it is 44th out of 50 states in terms of population. As a result there are a limited number of post-secondary educational institutions, particularly private institutions. The state is home to two public university sub-systems and a number of community college, most of which are tribal colleges dedicated to the education of residents primarily of amerindian descent. A majority of colleges and universities will be found in larger cities. The state capital is Helena and the largest city is Billings.

The Montana University system was formed in 1994 in an attempt to consolidate due to decreased funding for education. The two university sub-systems each have four campuses, one of which is considered the main campus which provides library and administrative assistance to the other campuses, though each campus has its own programs and curriculums approved separately by the board of regents.

University of Montana System campuses:

Montana State University System campuses:

There are very private four year institutions in Montana due to the low population of the state. The schools that are there have a foundations based in various Christian denominations, offering faith based liberal arts educations. These schools tend to be more expensive than their public school counterparts, though they will have smaller class sizes and a better student to teacher ratio. Private school also tend to have more educational opportunities for its students overall, such as internships and study abroad programs.

Private four year institutions in Montana:

Montana is also home to a number of technical, trade and career schools offering residents educations in high demand fields with the intent of job entry upon graduation. These programs typically take less than a year to complete and are significantly more expensive than community college counterparts. The high price is usually accompanied by lifetime job placement services. Such school should be checked for success rate and services prior to enrollment to ensure quality.

The most populous city in Montana is Billings, followed by Missoula and Great Falls.  While the most populous county in Montana is Yellowstone County with Missoula County close behind.   If you are interested in visiting the state of Montana, consider visiting their state page or the state chapter of the Chamber of Commerce.

College Degree Breakdown for the State of Montana

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, NCES, O*NET Online

Doctoral or professional degree10,8002.4
Master's degree8,5401.9
Bachelor's degree82,10018.1
Associate's degree11,6502.6
Postsecondary nondegree award28,4906.3
Some college, no degree14,7903.3
High school diploma or equivalent163,29035.9
No formal educational credential135,07029.7

Public Universities & Colleges

Image of Public College Campus

There are six public 4-year state universities and colleges in Montana. These four-year institutions predominantly offer bachelor's or higher level programs and some may even include research facilities. See a state-wide list of the state universities and colleges in Montana.

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