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Finding the Best College in New York

With the exclusive search and ranking tools at MatchCollege, you can effortlessly gather a full list of accredited colleges in New York in an efficient manner.  In fact, we have compiled a complete list of two-year colleges and four-year colleges along with specific data to help you find your college match.  Variables you may find important include student to teacher ratios, financial aid, sports programs, tuition, enrollment, and degree programs for top ranked New York colleges.   Learn more about the different colleges in New York with our college database & request information from the best colleges for you.  The schools, in turn, will be in touch straight away with admissions information to help you edge closer to a formal decision about your higher education experience.  Additionally, you may speak directly to an admissions coordinator at the school when you believe it makes sense.

Universities and Colleges Located in New York

Learning more about the array of 2-year colleges and 4-year universities in the State of New York has never been more streamlined.  At MatchCollege, we have worked tirelessly to curate an extensive school portal for all types of educational programs from public universities to community colleges and from community colleges to liberal arts schools across the New York state college system.  With a full list of accredited colleges in New York at your fingertips, you can sift and sort schools to find the perfect college match for you in an efficient manner.

The state of New York is home to a very large number of public and private universities, including some of the oldest in the United States. The state of New York, located in the north eastern United States, runs adjacent to several states, and is a short train or car ride from a bevy of urban centers, historic locations, and pastoral locations. The state of New York is also home to New York City, the largest city in terms of population and the center of various industries.

Public schools in the state of New York are part of one of two systems. The State University of New York (SUNY) system operates all public institutions of higher learning, including community colleges, outside of New York City. The school system is the largest comprehensive higher education system in the United States, with over 450,000 students, over one million adult education students, and employing nearly 90,000 faculty members.

Some notable SUNY schools:

Public Colleges operating within New York City belong to the City University of New York (CUNY) system and is the largest urban university in the United States. CUNY is the third largest university system in the United States, after SUNY and the California State University System CUNY operates 11 colleges, 6 community colleges, and sex graduate degree offering institutions. CUNY schools are located throughout New York City and offer a comprehensive catalogue of programs and degrees.

Notable CUNY schools:

New York State is also host to a large number of private schools, including two Ivy League institutions. Private institutions in New York can offer a variety of educational opportunities that may be unavailable at public institutions. Private colleges also tend to have more notoriety than public colleges in the state of New York, though many of these schools can be costly without financial aid. Private schools in New York may have varying methods for imparting knowledge, have a more narrow focus on curriculum, may offer a comprehensive liberal arts education or may specialize in a particular area of expertise.

Some notable private colleges and universities:

Additionally, New York is home to a large number of private vocational and technical schools offering short term schooling in order to receive a diploma, certification or degree and enter the workforce immediately. New York also hosts two federally funded and operated institutions:

The most populous city in New York is New York City, followed by Buffalo, Rochester, and Yonkers.  While the most populous county in New York is Kings County with Queens County close behind.   If you are interested in visiting the state of New York, consider visiting their state page or the state chapter of the Chamber of Commerce.

College Degree Breakdown for the State of New york

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, NCES, O*NET Online

Doctoral or professional degree 324,040 3.6
Master's degree 194,520 2.1
Bachelor's degree 2,063,630 22.7
Associate's degree 209,300 2.3
Postsecondary nondegree award 450,830 5.0
Some college, no degree 299,820 3.3
High school diploma or equivalent 3,136,120 34.5
No formal educational credential 2,419,380 26.6

Public Universities & Colleges

Image of Public College Campus

There are zero public 4-year state universities and colleges in New York. These four-year institutions predominantly offer bachelor's or higher level programs and some may even include research facilities. See a state-wide list of the state universities and colleges in New York.

Private Universities & Colleges

Image of Private College Campus

In New York there are zero accredited private four-year colleges. Similar to public schools, private colleges and universities offer bachelor's or higher level programs and research opportunities, although they usually have smaller classes and higher tuition. Compare admission requirements and tuition details for private colleges in New York.

Community Colleges

Community College in New York

Community colleges are public institutions that offer low cost, high quality education for residents throughout the state. These schools offer 2-year programs that grant associate degrees or offer training courses in specialized trades. New York" Community colleges also are the number one transfer-out programs available for four-year colleges and universities. Learn more and compare community colleges in New York.

Liberal Arts Colleges

Liberal Arts Colleges

New York has zero accredited liberal arts colleges. These schools primarily focus on undergraduate programs in the liberal arts and sciences through comprehensive and flexible curriculums. Compare all the liberal arts colleges in New York.

Bible & Christian Colleges

Christian Colleges

Bible and Christian colleges generally provide specialized undergraduate education with a focus on religious or biblical study. There are approximately zero such colleges in New York located throughout the state. See a full list of Christian colleges in New York along with program and tuition information.

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