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1452 David E Cook Way, Clovis, CA

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Clovis Adult Education offers educational opportunities for people over 18 as well as services addressing the needs of a diverse community. The way they achieve that is by promoting lifelong learning and providing the means for people to turn into productive community members and citizens.

Clovis and the surrounding community areas have been served by Clovis Adult Education since 1968. The current average enrollment is over 10,000 students per year. Besides adults over the age of 18, this school attained permission by the Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students.

CEA was founded in 1967 and since then it initiated business classes as well as English as a Second Language classes, to meet the needs of a growing community - especially due to the arrival of new immigrants in the area.

Its online school also offers a unique high school experience. Currently there are 25 courses being offered by credentialed California teachers and there is technology support along with an adjustable learning environment. More and more students turn to Clovis Adult Education and the Online School to complete their high school diploma for a reason.

The college currently offers courses in the following subjects:

  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Science

In addition to the courses, CAE provides free counseling services to help guide and establish career goals for students. Their counselor will work with students to help develop a unique class schedule molded around their specific needs, regardless of whether it's for employment preparation or undergoing a career change.

CAE charges no tuition fees. The only initial cost to take in consideration is the price of books.

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Programs Offered

The program list below is organized by areas of study. The programs that have a link will direct you to the program's profile page where you can learn more about education requirements and career pathways.

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(C) Certificate or Award | (A) Associate's | (B) Bachelor's | (M) Master's Degree | (D) Doctorate (PhD,...)

Business and Marketing Studies

Health and Clinical Professions

Estimated Costs & Financial Aid

The average "out of pocket" cost of attendance, after any grants and scholarships are considered, is around $15,400. To calculate a more personalized cost visit the net price calculator. The figures listed below are for informational purposes only and do not represent current or future tuition, fees, and expenses.

Financial Aid Details

The table below breaks down the types of financial aid, the percent of students receiving aid, and average amount of aid per student per year.

 Percent of StudentsAverage Amount
Any Financial Aid62%-
Receiving Grants & Scholarships62%$3,832

Admissions, Academics, & Student Services

Student Services

To help support students, Clovis Adult Education may provide services to students like those listed below:

  • Remedial instructional courses
  • Career path counseling
  • Assisting students to find work

Other Technical Colleges Nearby

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