Top Psychology Degrees

Psychology and its many subfields are the study of the human mind and how to treat ailments and diseases related to the mind. Psychology students will receive an education that explains the various functions of the brain, including its connections and control over functions in the human body, the effect of positive and negative emotions, and the various pathologies that may be present with a given patient.

Given the diversity of psychological study, individuals may choose many paths and specializations, though all deal with the health and ability of the mind. Professionals generally seek graduate level study at minimum, as well as continuing education courses to remain current.

Students looking to dig deep into the field of psychology and the myriad disciplines can research a variety of organizations.  Examples of key organizations and associations include the following:

  • Psych Central (PC): The team at Psych Central has clustered an array of organizations to help connect students to a variety of entities.  Disciplines covered by PC include anxiety disorders, psychoanalytic arts, neurology, assessment psychology, clinical practice tools, and behavior analysis to name a few.  Their portal has helped students and professionals of all backgrounds and abilities learn, grow, and share their experiences for years.
  • American Mental Health Counselors Association (AMHCA): AMHCA is a national organization created to support mental health counseling and practitioners through advocacy and education.  Members can collaborate, network, and engage with other professionals to help advance the body of knowledge in the ever-growing field of mental health.
  • CDA Council (CDA): Council for Professional Recognition is commonly referred to as the CDA Council.  This organization is dedicated to child development professionals and helping raise the bar of knowledge in the field of study in an effort to improved quality interactions with children.  A variety of certifications, webinars, and learning modules can be accessed via their website.
  • National Associations of School Psychologists (NASP): National Association of School Psychologists provides students and practitioners a variety of resources, news, events, publications, industry standards, and membership benefits.  As the largest organization of its kind, the NASP helps school psychologists positively impact students in public, private, and in-home learning environments.
  • American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP): The American Board of Professional Psychology has assembled quality resources for clinical psychologists and aspiring professionals. The portal defines the field of study and outlines key professional competencies from ethical, diversity, science-based practice to help prudently counsel, diagnose, intervene, supervise, evaluate, advocate, manage, and teach others in the field of clinical psychology.
  • The Association for Addiction Professionals (NAADAC): The Association for Addition Professionals represents more than 100,000 substance abuse counselors, addiction professionals, related health care professionals, and educators across the country.  The NAADAC was founded in 1972 and helps promote high-quality, empirically-based science for members, families, and clients.  Quality is driven by a governing set of standards coupled with advocacy programs and professional development.
  • Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP):  The Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology provides an array of information and news for students, professionals, and educators.  By blending the science of work and psychology with the art of working with teams and organizations, organizational psychologists can help drive change while better understanding group interactions.

In the area of study of top psychology degrees, we offer education and career pathways, as well as list of top schools which offer the following programs:


Biopsychology lead-in

Success is just around the corner when getting an education in biopsychology. Find out which schools in your state offer master's and doctoral degree programs. School listings and career information is available on our biopsychology degree page. Top ranked university programs offering biopsychology can quickly be sorted and filtered given your unique goals and vocational aspirations.

Child Development

Child development lead-in

Want to pursue a career in child development? See what programs are available at the associate, bachelor's, or master's degree level nationwide. Looking for more information? Look no further than our child development degree page to help understand the myriad components of child development, competing theories, and research to help you advance your career in this fascinating, ever-evolving field.

Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychology lead-in

Find out more about clinical psychology and see what master's and doctoral degree programs are available at schools near you. Students looking for listings and additional information are encouraged to visit our clinical psychology programs page. Top ranked university programs can be found by searching via our exclusive technology or by researching our digital portal on clinical psychology. Students can quickly gather information from top schools by requesting information from colleges offering degree programs.

Counseling Psychology

Counseling psychology lead-in

Thinking of a career in counseling psychology? Find nearby schools that provide a master's or doctorate degree program to begin your studies. Visit our counseling psychology programs page to view school listings and additional information. Admissions information from accredited universities is a simple click away as top colleges compete for your skills in counseling psychology from coast to coast.

Developmental And Child Psychology

Developmental and child psychology lead-in

Prepare for an education in developmental and child psychology by researching information about schools in your state that offer master's or doctorate degree programs. Interested in learning more? Visit our developmental and child psychology degree page today to gather critical admissions information from top ranked college programs. Research online university degrees in child psychology and on-site child development degrees available from colleges near you with our exclusive educational library.

Forensic Psychology

Forensic psychology lead-in

Rewarding careers in forensic psychology can be pursued by completing a master's or doctorate degree program at one of the many colleges and universities throughout the country. Our forensic psychology degree pages are an excellent resource for finding out more about schools and careers. Top ranked accredited universities are a click away with admissions information a simple request away. Get informed about your options in forensic psychology with the tools and technology curated by the MatchCollege team.

Marriage and Family Therapy

Marriage and family therapy lead-in

Do you want a career in marriage counseling and family therapy? Find schools in your area offering master's programs in MFT. Students looking for listings and additional information are encouraged to visit our marriage counseling and family therapy programs page. Alternatively, you can quickly gather admissions data from accredited schools offering online marriage counseling programs in seconds. Whether you select and online degree or on-site learning environment, your degree will help you reach families through more effective techniques and build healthy relationships.

Mental Health Counseling

Mental health counseling lead-in

Are you motivated to earn your college degree in mental health counseling? Learn which schools in your area offer students a master's or doctorate degree in this field. Our mental health counseling degree page is an exceptional resource to discover counseling careers, job duties, accredited schools, and degree paths. Your career in mental health counseling starts by location the exact college degree program for you given your budget, aspirations, and academic goals.

Organizational Psychology

Organizational psychology lead-in

Considering a career in organizational psychology? Research schools that have master's or doctorate degree programs. Visit our organizational psychology programs page to view school listings and additional information.


Psychology lead-in

Discover vital admissions information about the best colleges offering degrees in psychology. Sift and sort colleges by degree type, school size, geographic location, school type, and psychology specialty with our exclusive tools. Our expansive library of degree pathways and accredited universities is the most trusted name available. Returning students and new students will readily find degree options and career insights not found anywhere else. Gather university listings and admissions data via our psychology programs page today and get your journey in psychology underway.

School Psychology

School psychology lead-in

Find out more about school psychology and see what master's or doctorate degree programs are available at colleges and universities near you. Additional information is available through our school psychology programs page. Our targeted digital library will help students seeking degree information in school psychology connect with top ranked colleges in a single portal. Our trusted site continues to help millions of students each year connect with great college programs across the country.

Substance Abuse and Addiction Counseling

Substance abuse and addiction counseling lead-in

Thinking of a career in substance abuse and addiction counseling? Find nearby schools which offer an associate, bachelor's, or master's degree to begin your studies. Our substance abuse and addiction counseling degree pages are an excellent resource for finding out more about schools and careers.