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What is Spanish Language and Literature?

Spanish Language and Literature is a field of study focused on the Spanish language, culture, history, traditions, economy, politics, and social constructs.  The Spanish language is part of the Ibero-Romance group of languages and originated in the Castile region of Spain.

Spanish is spoken by over 500 million people with native competence and nearly 600 million as a first or second language worldwide.   Further, Spanish is one of six official languages of the United Nations.  A large number of accredited colleges and universities offer a Spanish Language major and/or minor track which provides ample opportunity for students to engage in this field of study.

Educational Requirements in Spanish Literature

Each school will have their own individualized curriculum for Spanish majors.  Courses will be built around Spanish minors and Spanish majors along with undergraduate and graduate programs.  Many Spanish degree programs will have a common foundation of courses.  Examples of typical classes you will find in a Spanish major include the following classes.

Employment Overview & Language Specializations

Spanish majors have a trove of career pathways to consider after graduation.  Practically any sector of the domestic and international market can be accessed by qualifying students.  A range of specializations to consider for Spanish majors can include: international business, teaching, global finance, translating, political attaché, interpreting, historians, museum manager, family counseling, social work, and adult literacy.

Spanish Language Job Growth

Given the vast career options for Spanish majors, the employment growth and salary are hard to approximate.  As such, we have provided a few career pathways for students to consider.  Employment growth for interpreters is set to jump by 29% and high school teachers at a 7% clip per the BLS.  Income for each job track will be determined by the organization, location, work experience, job responsibilities, work ethic, and upward mobility.

Additional Resources in Spanish Literature and Language

For more information about the Spanish literature and language track, there are a number of quality resources to learn more about.  The two most prominent associations include the American Association of Teachers of Spanish & Portuguese (AATSP) and the Spanish Language Association (SLA).  Both organizations strive to provide information, resources, tools, networking, and learning modules to help extend the understanding of the Spanish language and Spanish culture.

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